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Hi Team  what are the available option for loggers other than "File Service and Execute" in efm server.json file.Current in document  I can find only mentioned 2, Or Is there any other way that I can debug that what going on my efm server backend. Th...

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prabisht by Cisco Employee
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When i deploying the EFM1-5-0 on IOX, click "activate" and receive an error . The following is the  information of my IR829: Could anyone tell me how to solve this problem?

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Welcome IoT enthusiast!   This Community is for you (Customer / Partners / Cisco Employees) to ask and answer technical questions about Cisco Kinetic. Everybody (incl. Cisco Employees) is encouraged to ask questions and everybody (incl. Customers & P...

Hello! I am looking into different IoT platforms at the moment and I found multiple products by Cisco: Jasper, Kinetic and IoT Cloud Connect. However, I could not find anything mentioning all of them and most of the information I found was from 2017....

Stefan8 by Level 1
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Hi Team, I am facing an issue in creatring a websocket connection with DGLux server. When my client sends an upgrade request on an HTTP session, DGLux server responds back with 200 response code instead of 101 code. Client has to do several retries t...

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prabisht by Cisco Employee
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