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Cisco Employee

EFM License expired (v1.6 efm-admin and dataflow editor)

We have some EFM license trouble with efm-admin and datflow editor UI, they all expired today in a customer production system. I suspect it has something to do with using copies of a docker container. Is there anyway to reestablish EFM licenses in v1.6?

The backup(s) match the existing system, so restoring wouldn't change anything. What I think I need to find out is if there is a way to re-generate the file at /opt/cisco/kinetic/efm_server/.product_id, or if it is a one-time deal at installation only. My guess is these licenses expired because the product_id hash stopped matching after the docker container was copied. Just a guess.

I wonder if we installed EFM temporarily to a second directory if we could make a copy of the .product_id from that installation on the same host to the existing broker directory...
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Cisco Employee

Re: EFM License expired (v1.6 efm-admin and dataflow editor)

First of all, Docker is not supported.

So, I am concerned how did a docker install happen in a customer production environment.

The EFM licenses are perpetual, so, they shouldnt expire.

The only case where that might happen (in currently supported environments) is if the license got over-written by a dglux license for realtime dashboards.



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