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User management in System Adminstrator component

Hello. I'm trying to understand the idea of a "User" within the System Administrator component of EFM. It seems to be a completely separate class from users defined in the User Management component. I've consulted the System Administrator guide but didn't get any wiser. Can anyone offer a good overview of what Users are in the System Administrator component? Particularly I'm curious of how users defined in the System Administrator. interact with EFM and the dataflow editor.


Currently my company is developing a use-case where we want to regulate access to different nodes for different classes of users. That seems to be possible, but users in the System Administrator being separate from users in the User Management component kind of complicates things.

Cisco Employee

With the EFM User Management, the roles and access are controlled from 1 point.

Please refer to the User management document on


The System Administrator will still allow you to create users, but recommended method is doing it via User Management and providing the correct "Role", 

Role Name

Role Description / Comment


Role similar to :config in EFM


Role similar to :read in EFM (read only access to a component)


Admin Role for the realm (This encompasses all roles defined below)

sys-has-user- management- access

Provides access to Admin Console

sys-has-efm- manager-access

Provides access to EFM Manager

sys-has-efm- admin-access

Provides access to EFM Admin

sys-has-efm- monitor-access

Provides access to EFM Monitor

sys-has-dataflow- access

Provides access to Dataflow Editor (This role along with: config or any other permission giving role will make sure to give required access to dataflow, else only dataflow can be viewed and no action could be taken on it)

Thank you for your response. However, It doesn't really answer my question.


I understand what the components are for, but they don't seem to be connected. Users that I have created in my User Management component can't be viewed from the System Administrator component. Hench my question, as I was curious if the User Management and System Administrator components were at all related.


From your reply it seems they should be. So I should be able to see users created in the User Management component in the System Administrator component, right?


But it doesn't seem to be working on my installation. What can I do to fix this?

Hi Daan,


The User Management page should be the only screen you want to create users and check for users created.



For users who need permissions to create dataflows, install links etc, will need the ":config" role attached to their user profile. 

For users who only need read access to the system, will need ":read" role attached.


These users dont need to show up in system administrator screen, but the permissions are carried forward from the single sign on page.



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