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Crash during CSR1000v boot



I'm facing an issue with CSR1000v during the starting of the device. Sometime the device is starting well and sometime, it crashes with following error message :

%IOSXEBOOT-4-PART_VERIFY: (local/local): Verifying partition table for device /dev/bootflash...
%IOSXEBOOT-4-PART_VERIFY: (local/local): Selected MBR v2 partition layout.

*May 03 20:01:28.518: %IOSXEBOOT-4-BOOT_SRC: (rp/0): Checking for grub upgrade

*May 03 20:01:29.130: %IOSXEBOOT-4-BOOT_SRC: (rp/0): Checking grub versions 2.3 vs 2.3

*May 03 20:01:29.142: %IOSXEBOOT-4-BOOT_SRC: (rp/0): Bootloader upgrade not necessary.
May 3 20:02:12.778: %BOOT-5-OPMODE_LOG: R0/0: binos: System booted in CONTROLLER mode
May 3 20:05:44.577: %PMAN-3-PROCHOLDDOWN: F0/0: The process cpp_cp_svr has been helddown (rc 134)
May 3 20:05:45.306: %PMAN-3-PROCHOLDDOWN: F0/0: The process fman_fp_image has been helddown (rc 134)
May 3 20:05:45.366: %PMAN-3-PROCFAIL: R0/0: The process ndbmand has failed (rc 134)
May 3 20:05:46.273: %PMAN-3-PROCHOLDDOWN: R0/0: The process linux_iosd-image has been helddown (rc 139)
May 3 20:05:47.266: %PMAN-5-EXITACTION: F0/0: pvp: Process manager is exiting: process exit with reload fru code
May 3 20:06:21.029: %PMAN-3-PROCHOLDDOWN: R0/0: The process ndbmand has been helddown (rc 139)
May 3 20:06:30.688: %PMAN-3-RELOAD_SYSTEM: R0/0: pvp: Reloading: System will be reloaded
May 3 20:06:35.679: %PMAN-5-EXITACTION: R0/0: pvp: Process manager is exiting: CPU Usage due to Memory Pressure exceeds threshold

The system is reloading and is showing the same error messages all the time. I have sufficient core processors (16) and memory (64) allocated to Cisco CML so I suppose it's not related as when it happens, the processor and memory are not high.. I'm running Cisco CML 2.5.0 on VMware Workstation Pro on Windows 11.

I don't know how to deal with this issue.. If you can help..



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