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Do I keep my Home Lab or Sell it on and use GNS3 (now that Switching is around the corner)?

Hi All,

I have been debating on selling my Cisco Lab in favour of running everything in GNS3.


Until now I have retained it purly for the switching hardware and voice cards.  I have built it up over the years and it has got me through several certifications but I don't really have room for it any more, and it seems the more newer converged network technologies are not going to be compatible with some of my hardware and I will have to purchase more hardware to supplement my further learning (CCDP, CCNP Voice, CCNP Security and eventually CCIE R&S).

My lab consists of the following:

1 x 8 Port 2940 switch

1 x 2509 Access Server (with Octal)

2 x 24 Port 2950 switch

3 x 3550 48 Port EMI Switches

1 x 3550 24 Port EMI PoE Switch

3 x 2811 Routers

2 x 2621 XM Routers

1 x 3640 Router

1 x c871w Integrated Services router

2 x PIX 501 Firewalls

1 x 5505 ASA Firewall

1 x c7940 IP Phone

1 x c7960 IP Phone

8 x WIC 1T

2 x VWIC2-2MFT T1/E1

+ various other cisco interface cards and cables........+ 2 non cisco switches


I reckon I can get a good price for it given the spec and the condition of the kit but I don't want to find myself having to rebuy everything again down the line for future study!

Any guidance would be greately apprreciated


Thanks in advance




Wait for Cisco VIRL :) after that do a nice deal

Please mark it helpfull if it was the case, and i have this problem too. Double touchdown is amazing. Thanks to make Engineering easy.
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