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How do I get XR-V and CSR-V images working

I have got my CML running after getting vmware admins to hack the VMX file as per the documentation. this was painful and should not be necessary.


I have added two images via the uwm, a CSR1000V qcow image and an IOS-XRv vmx image. these show as imported in uwmadmin->images.I have created a project, and I can start the client on a desktop PC and login as the user for that project. I cannot figure out how do I get the CSR and XR images working in that project. In CML client I have done preferences->node subtype -> fetch from server, and I have got XR-V and CSR1000v appearing.however when I try to add these nodes to a simulation they will not start. its like the images are not there. I get "Image "IOS XRv" was not found in OpenStack
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/flask/"

at that point its into coding language that I don't understand. the IOS-V image that ships with it will start fine.the only help in the documentation says "Contact your system administrator if a specific node subtype is missing from the list, as the system administrator is responsible for adding new node subtypes to the Cisco Modeling Labs server." this doesn't help because I am the system administrator....

summary: how do I Get an XR-V and/or CSR-V image to the point of running a simulation with it in CML?




Hello,Thanks for posting the


Thanks for posting the issue.

I assume the image is not uploaded properly to CML server.Please copy the image using SFTP to CML server and try to load the image from UWM with using local URL path  (where the image is copied ex: home/virl/<filename>).

Then go to CML client and navigate to Preference->Node Subtype->Fetch From Server and let us know if this solves the issue.

Thanks and Regards,





Hi Ian,When you add the nodes

Hi Ian,

When you add the nodes to the palette you then associate which image you want. By default, the IOS icon relates to the IOSv image.

Click on the icon and below that you will see properties and VM Image and Flavor. Select Browse and your images will appear. Chose both an image and a related flavor.

Check out this video and it's discussed at 8:30 into the video:

I'll also pass onto the Product Team that we should be able to set default images to icons so that you don't have to select it each time. As a tidbit, the reason for having the option is so that you can select different image/versions as they become available.



that sorted it for the XR-V I

that sorted it for the XR-V I have a running XR-V node in CML. I don't understand why this is not a default, this is really not an intuitive product at this stage. I've just loaded one and one only XR-V image - why would I not want it associated by default with all XR-V routers I am simulating? really you should ship it with all of the virtual images that are freely available pre-installed and configured.

on the subject of images, are there Nexus and Catalyst 4k or 6k images (anything that can run proper l2 switching RPVST, don't care about hw functionality) available? I am trying to simulate an enterprise network that has everything.....

unfortunately my IOS-XE image is booting , but only partially , giving the message on the CML console as below:

%IOSXEBOOT-4-EUSB_PROVISIONING: (rp/0): Unsupported low capacity eUSB detected in V
XE board
Press any key to continue.

in an infinite loop.. how do I get past this ? this was the qcow image from CCO - if I use the equivalent OVA from cco it boots fine in vmware ESX directly.

IMHO, please don't use video documentation. Ever. many corporates , mine included ,don't even allow youtube and the like to the desktop. video's aren't searchable. and you can't usually have the sound on in an open-plan office even if you can get it to work... Its all a bit too social media. Please just write it all down in a nice old fashioned PDF  or web page!

@bikasdas the images were correctly uploaded I did not need to re-upload - it was that they were not associated with the nodes as per craigs answer.


I've posted a working

I've posted a working CSR1000v image to the File Exchange:

The people that can access this location are the userids that downloaded the MCL server software.

DM me if you've got an issue with the download - Craig (

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