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Licensing CML 2.0 Personal without Smart Licensing

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Level 1

I have a Virl 1.5 license and I am able to get the product key for my CML 2.0 license.  However, it fails to register even though I have Internet connectivity to my VM.  This is a personal license so I would rather not use an Enterprise Smart License program to use it.  Is there a way for me to license my CML 2.0 personal without Smart?

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Karlo Bobiles - Cisco
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello hisstory1970,

Unfortunately, CML 2.0 uses Smart Licensing. Can you please provide me with little bit more information as to what you're experiencing? Maybe a screenshot of the error message?

On a side note, for Cisco Modeling Labs - Personal support open a thread on the Cisco Modeling Labs - Personal Community:


Karlo Bobiles

Cisco Learning Network - Community Manager

I was on a call with them earlier.  It is not a Smart licensing use exactly.  The wording is misleading.  My license just will not activate even though it is valid.  My VM has internet access but the registration times out after about 2 minutes.

Hello hisstory1970,

Thank you for the info.

Can you please test connectivity by performing the following:

Log onto your CML-Personal console
Type: curl


You should get the following response



<p>Hi there, this is an AXIS service!</p>

<i>Perhaps there will be a form for invoking the service here...</i>

2020-05-13 15_42_30-cml2_p_controller-2.0.0-13.el8.x86_64-93 - VMware Workstation 14 Player (Non-com.png

If your deployment is behind a Proxy, ensure you have provided appropriate Proxy settings under Transport settings on the licensing page.

I'll also, need some additional information. From the CML-Personal Lab Manager page, navigate to Tools > System Administration page. If you scroll down to the section “Licensing Tech Support", can you please copy everything email me directly at


Karlo Bobiles

Cisco Learning Network

Changing the VMWare settings from bridged to NAT resolved the issue.  Thank you Karlo for the assistance.

It was my pleasure! Glad you're up and running.

Karlo Bobiles

Cisco Learning Network

I got the license and trying to update but some how its says out of complianceCM2outof.png

I'm having a similar problem, but when I use curl, I don't appear to be able to reach httpS sites.

I can reach some http sites that just return their various "go to our httpS site", but when I attempt to curl https, nothing happens and then curl eventually times out, or I get an OpenSSL SSL_connect error..


Is there some additional configuration required to allow curl to read https?




Can you please provide email me at your CLN Store order number where you purchased Cisco Modeling Labs – Personal?  The screenshot showing your Smart Account as “DR”, which is not an account associated with a CLN Store order for this product.


Please ensure you’re using the registration token from your CLN Store My Account page for registration.


For instructions, please refer to the following:

***Please note: For privacy, please do not upload your License screenshots here. Please email me directly at


Thank you,

Karlo Bobiles

Cisco Learning Network

Just send to you



I’ve escalated this over to the Store Team for resolution.


I’ll keep you posted as soon as they confirm release.


Thank you,

Karlo Bobiles

Cisco Learning Network