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Cisco Employee

Blurry content on Android App version 1.2.2

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S4 mit Stock Android 5.1 on it. 6 weeks ago, with the same smartphone, the same TP endpoint, everything was fine. This time, the content is all blurry on my smartphone.

The only difference I noted was the the TP endpoint (MX700) was upgrade to TC7.3.4 (It was TC7.3.3).

Is this a known issue? Does the TP endpoint send lower resolution depending on Proximity Client?



Cisco Employee

This is not a known issue,

This is not a known issue, and the endpoint should send the same resolution to all proximity clients.

- Were other proximity clients connected at the same time? If so, did they receive the same blurry images or images of better quality?

- Do you have a screenshot or picture of how it looked on your phone? Was it so blurry that it was unreadable, or just a little blurry on the edges when looking closely?

- What was presented on the TP endpoint. Was it a presentation being sent from farend or was it a local proximity presentation or a local cabled presentation? Did the presentation look blurry on the TP screen?

Cisco Employee

Hello Marianne,

Hello Marianne,

unfortunately, I had only one device to test. I can only say that it was blurry compared to the presentation I could see on the MX700 TelePresence endpoint.

The presenter was sharing an email, thus it was alreay small (but readable) on the MX700. On my smartphone, it was not readable anymore though. The presenter was far end. On the MX700, the presentation was as sharp as expected, not blurriness at all.

On the smartphone, the blurriness was smooth, even, not blocks or artefacts, in case that helps. Never seen that.

I will try to reproduce the issue and provide screenshots.

Cisco Employee

Hi Cyprien,

Hi Cyprien,

Yes it could be very helpful for us if you can try to reproduce the issue. When doing so it would very useful for us if we can get the following:

- Screenshot (or photo) from the phone and TP endpoint.

- Note the time when problems happen.

- Find your support-id in the about dialog in the app. When starting the app, click About.

- If possible, also get the log bundle from the TP endpoint. If you have admin access, you find this on the web interface under Diagnostics -> Log files.

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