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How to make Proximity work? Help needed

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Dear Proximity team,

I recently installed Proximity version Windows. Since installation completed, the Proximity tray icon keeps saying "Searching for video systems..." when I mouse over it. 

I tried to sit close to TP device (building 31 1st floor Hearts Castle conf room), and there is nothing happens. What should I do to make this work?

My laptop is Lenovo W540, a standard Cisco laptop. I see my colleague who has Macbook has using Proximity to share screen, and it is pretty nice feature but my windows version just does not work for me.

Please help and appreciated.


Some update: by reading the reply to others, I disabled all the effect with my mic, then proximity starts working.


Accepted Solutions

Hi Marc,

It's highly recommended that you upgrade your SX10 to CE8.x which fully supports Proximity.

TC7.3.2 is also subject to some security vulnerabilities, and this version has been deferred as well.  If you're going to stay on the TC software train, you should upgrade to at least version TC7.3.6.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.

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Dan Peder Eriksen
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Please check the following:

1. Is your microphone muted?

2. Is your microphone volume low?

3. Disable any audio enhancments in the microphone settings.


I also fiddled with this for a long time on several windows laptops... it ended up just making me mad. Not a fan of Proximity. The idea seems cool, but Cisco is way over thinking this one. There needs to be an option to simply put in the IP address or hostname of the telepresence unit if this problem occurs...  

Same here... tried for 30+ minutes making changes as suggested in various combinations, and still my laptop (Lenovo X230) cannot be detected.  Perhaps ultrasound is not such a good idea especially now Cisco is allowing pet dogs to join us in the office :-)

It did work for me by waiting almost 3 minutes for my laptop to find Proximity... Used it in a couple of different rooms with success

What is microphone boost and microphone level set to?

Microphone level is 96 with 10dB boost... see attached for enhancement settings

Please tick "Disable all sound effects". This has a high change of fixing the issue.

We are working to solve this issue in a different matter. Stay tuned.

Disabling Mic sound effects finally solved the issue with Proximity searching constantly...But refresh rate is quite bad :-(

What number of frames pr second are you experiencing? Around 3 fps is what you can expect with a good network. 

Dan Peder Eriksen
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Also, please review this document: 

Guenter Tuerkcue
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I'm working with a Lenovo W530, with the same effect. Proximity is still searching for video systems. Mic is working well, not muted.

Is it a problem with the mic and higher frequencies and driver? Does anyone has a Lenovo 530 (win7 cisco IT Installation, proximity 1.1.1) working well with proximity?

Thanks in advance


Hi Guenter,

Please upgrade to the internal alpha version and you will hopefully have more luck.


Thank you Dan for quick reply. Where can i get the internal alpha?

you find internal versions on (from the Cisco network).

Best regards,

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