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Nice feature but misses’ big opportunities

Dear Cisco Engineers,


We have tested the Cisco Proximity on our SX20 and yes it works.

Now what I don’t understand is why limit this to SX and MX equipment?

I know the answer, "because of the high fidelity audio part"


Guess where our SX and MX series Conference systems are deployed?

All installed in small rooms or private offices.

Everybody sits close enough to the monitors and can follow the meetings (5 to 6 people maximum).

If they miss a slide they just mention to roll back.


Now where this would be really interesting is in our bigger conference rooms, Boardrooms and Crisis Centers where we have upper management making decisions. Now guess what we have installed in these rooms C60’s and C90’s.


Also why not beside the high fidelity audio part add an IP interface so you can add a room codec on IP basis and please for the Cisco engineers involved “include a login”.  Something simple like a PIN that can be set by the admin.


Again I really like the idea of the presentation on the iPad and it works fantastic.

But why also include in this app the option to establish calls and the ability to disconnect?

All the user should see is the presentation and make screenshots, that’s it.

I don’t want this none technical person who just managed to switch the app on his iPad from Flappy-bird or Candy-Crush to the Cisco App to disconnect this all-important conference because they see a big red button.


If you want to control the system this is most likely done by the IT or VC Tech, now what these people want is full control.

Basically everything that is available on the touch panels. establish and disconnect calls, Configure the endpoint, PTZ, Volume, mute, etc. and most important “Call Status”


My conclusion:

The idea of having an iPad app/ Android interfacing with the VC codec is fantastic however Cisco Proximity in my point-of-view is over engineered because of the high fidelity audio pairing and not thought through because of missed opportunities.

Cisco Employee

Hi Bzondervan,I just want to

Hi Bzondervan,

I just want to let you know that we are monitoring this forum for feedback for future enhancements. We have had a lot of feedback regarding the ability to disconnect the call from the app. There has also been a lot of feedback regarding support for the C-Series systems. 


Dear Roger,Thanks for your

Dear Roger,

Thanks for your feedback.

We have tested Cisco Proximity on a variety of Codecs and setups at our locations.

Needless to say our customers love it.

We have not ran into a situation Cisco Proximity didn't work.

Proximity works on EX and C-series equipment with release TC7.0.2 just fine.

Maybe it could be a consideration to leave the Proximity available in TC7.2 for all EX and C series codecs too. Even if it is under experimental menu.

My final recommendation, remove all control to codec from the Proximity app and keep it for Presentation view only.








I like the idea of having a

I like the idea of having a pin possibly for all access, or possibly just for utilizing call control.  Maybe make the features have a drop down: On, Off, pin displayed on screen, password of "proximity" local user.

The use that I am looking forward for this is to place an iPad in a conference room with this software instead of a Touch X, specifically with the SX10 (If they ever ship).


At this point we have purchased touch 8s for all of our conference rooms and that is what we have trained the users on.  We are trying to make the use of our devices as simple as possible, and a standard remote is too difficult/time consuming even with great address books.


Please don't take call control away, but having the option to restrict it would be good...  But keep in mind I would like to use an iPad that would always be in the room so entering a new code frequently would be a pain...

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