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Proximity and Windows 10

Recently we've been having issues with connecting Surface Pro 4's connecting via Proximity.  We've done some testing and everything points to the connection between the Proximity App and Windows 10.  As anyone else seen or experienced this problem.

Cisco Employee

Sorry for the delay,

Sorry for the delay, danjm2006

We have seen some issues with SP4 that were related to audio drivers. Others have posted in the forum here that updating to the Realtek audio driver helps.

(FWIW; I used a Surface Pro 3 for a while; it did pair reliable, but sometimes the speakers emitted a click every 30 seconds. VERY annoying, but unfortunately also related to driver issues and completely outside our control)


Re: Sorry for the delay,

Hi Henrik,

We are also experiencing problems with the corporate deployment of this tool for our senior executives who are all using Surface 4 devices.

According to the Proximity log, the problem seems to be related with the Surface's energy saving policy.   Following Cisco's TAC recommendation, we escalated this issue to Microsoft, but now Microsoft says they cannot manage an application's energy saving override unless the application is present in the Windows 10 Store.

As Cisco Proximity is currenlty available as a "msi" package only, we are in deep trouble...  So you're aware of our situation, just mentio our senior executives are starting to make bad jokes out of this...  quite sad but understandable after selling the idea of using Proximity as "the future of wireless presentations"...

We desperately need a solution, do you believe Cisco will be able to move this application to Windows 10 Store, the same way you did for iOS and Android stores?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

Willing to hear from you soon!



Cisco Employee

Re: Sorry for the delay,

Please attach a log from an instance of Proximity experiencing the issue. Also, if you could detail the problem beyond “experiencing problems” that would be great.


We'll of course work to resolve this issue.

Re: Sorry for the delay,

Thank you very much for your quick response!


I'll try to be more precise about the problems we're experiencing.


The initial connection works fine, and the user is capable of presenting content.  But after a few minutes (2-3 minutes) the connection drops, even if the user is activelly interacting with the presentation, so it does not seem to be related to inactivity.   This is happening all the time with the Surface 4, but works properly in Windows 10 laptops.


I have a few logs I can send so you can see what's happening.  


One of the current theories is this issue could be related to the Surface's energy saving policies.   We contacted Microsoft, but their response was that in order to manage this in a specific application, it must be published in the Windows Store, which is not the case for the Proximity client.


Other theory goes around the token Exchange between the endpoint and the Proximity client, but had led us to a dead end...


Hope you can help us on revolving this issue.   Please let me know how I can send you the Proximity logs so you can analyze them.


Thank you very much for your help, best regards.

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