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Proximity in Desktop Computer -Webex Teams and DX80

Dear, good morning.
I have a problem with proximity.
I installed a DX80 as my main screen and monitor in the office of a company director.
He uses a desktop computer.
The computer has a microphone plugged in.
The microphone is obviously not working to make proximity.
In order for it to work, I have to search for recent devices, and enter a 4-digit PIN that appears on the DX80 screen.
When the dx80 is synchronized with webex teams, it lasts a few minutes, and then the connection disappears.
You have to do it again.
All this with a notebook doesn't happen, it's happening with a desktop computer.
Can someone help me ?
The DX80 device is on a different subnet than the one the computer has. Does that have anything to do with it ?

the DX80 is registered in the cloud.
I have my notebook and my iPhone next to the computer, and both recognize the DX80 by proximity.
The webex teams application, from the desktop computer to which the DX80 is connected by HDMI cable, doesn't recognize it by proximity, it doesn't find it.

when I manage to pair them by network, that is to say, I look for it within the list of devices, and I enter the 4-digit PIN that the dx80 asks me for, the pairing works.
But it only lasts about 4 or 5 minutes and disappears again

It is not useful to use the personal mode, because it is not compatible with proximity. If you use a dx80 as a personal mode, it loses the proximity capability.
For example, if I receive a call in webex teams from my iPhone, and then I walk into my office and want to "move" it to the dx80, I can't, because proximity doesn't work because of the "personal mode".

Apparently, ¿ an external microphone is not supported over desktop computer (win 10) ?
Does anyone know if this is really so?

Any can help me ?


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Re: Proximity in Desktop Computer -Webex Teams and DX80

As this forum is dedicated to the Cisco Proximity app, not Webex Teams, I can't really say anything with certainty. With Cisco Proximity, however, I use my Lenovo workstation with an external microphone; I see no reason why Webex Teams wouldn't work with external microphones. You may be better off reporting your issues using the build-in feedback / error reporting mechanism in Webex Teams.
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