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Proximity Mobile App - Phone Control Not Working

Good day,

Has anyone recently had call control cease functioning? Previously, when connecting to multiple codecs (SX10, SX20, SX80), we could control the codec via proximity. At some point in the last few weeks, this has changed and we no longer have any phone control options in the app (content sharing still works). We have observed this on the following codecs:

SX10 (CE8)

SX20 (CE8)

SX20 (TC7.3.6)

SX80 (TC7.3.6)

I am not seeing any settings or other configuration options, but could just be missing something.

Any suggestions?

Cisco Employee

Are you using the Android app

Are you using the Android app or the iOS app?


Mneergaa, thank you for the

Mneergaa, thank you for the response. This is primarily using the iOS app. I need to get an Android device to test with as well.

Cisco Employee

We are aware of some issues

We are aware of some issues with our new iOS app against TC7.3, but have not experienced any issues against CE that we are aware of. Are you running the latest version from the app store in all cases? Which version of CE?




Yes to most recent version of the iOS app.

Cisco Employee

Could you give us the support

Could you give us the support id of the ios client? 

You can find it in About when starting the app (before it connects to a system). Then we can look into what happens.

If you have access to get logs from the video system that could also be helpful. Logs can be downloaded from admin web interface. You can email it to


One of the people who

One of the people who originally reported the problem has 2.0.1 installed.

I won't be able to get logs or the version on my iPad (accidentally left it at home, opps!). Will work on that for you tomorrow.


Here you go!

Here you go!


Cisco Employee

I have been looking at the

I have been looking at the logs from this support ID, and it does not look like this ios device has been connected to a codec.

At August 4th (and some time in July) this device was attempting to connect to a codec, but was not successful because it did not have network connectivity between the device and the codec.

See this document for more info:


Marianne, this device has

Marianne, this device has repeatedly connected to codecs in both July and August. I have had content shared to this device. What I do not get is phone control.


A couple of screenshots from

A couple of screenshots from this morning. These are from the same iPad connecting to one of the 7.3.6 rooms. The behavior is the same when connecting to CE8 rooms:

This sitting in Edinburgh, connected to Pompeii, with content shared.

This is connected to the Edinburgh room using Proximity on the iPad. It takes a while for content to show up, but while waiting, this is what we see. Again, this was this morning (August 5th, 8:00AM Eastern)

Edit to add: I have seen the network requirements document, and believe we are correctly configured and nothing on our network has changed in the approx 2 months since phone control stopped working.

Cisco Employee

It is hard to know what's

It is hard to know what's going on here. I still can't find any signs of connection to any codec in the logs from that support id. 
I guess it could happen that the reporting to the logging server fails though.

Do you have the same behaviour on another iphone or ipad? Is it possible to get the support-id from another iphone/ipad?

Can you get access to the logs the CE or TC systems? If you could send us those after having connected an ios device and tried content sharing and call control, that could be very useful.

Cisco Employee

On TC 7.3.6 systems this is

On TC 7.3.6 systems this is the currently expected behaviour. Proximity is an experimental feature in TC 7.3 and not supported.

But for CE8 both content share and call control should work. So we are mainly interested in the logs from a CE system, if you can get them.

Cisco Employee

On CE8 there is a config to

On CE8 there is a config to enable/disable services like call control and content sharing.

Can you verify that the call control is still enabled?

From web admin interface go to Configuration -> System Configuration -> Proximity to find Services CallControl.




Thank you for the response. I have confirmed that it is enabled on the CE8 device(s). 

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