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Proximity Never Finds Video System on Windows 7


I am a Windows 7 user (don't hate).  I excitedly installed Proximity looking forward to using (Cisco Proximity desktop-1.0.0-Alpha17), but it just never finds a Video System.  It just is grayed out and reads: "Looking for video systems...":

I can't seem to figure it out.  Unfortunately has been useless to me.  I know the TP systems I try work, because other Mac users connect just fine.  :(

Any ideas?!?


Hi Magnus,

Just wondering if this is still scheduled for release mid OCT2015




The current estimate is end of October. The release is closing in but I cannot guarantee there will not be any more delays.


Hello Magnus, 


Any update on the Windows release?  


Pat M

The date has obviously slided. The new and updated target is mid November as of now. As always I cannot guarantee that there will not be more delays.


I see.  We're trying to make a purchasing decision on a few SX20 units, the Proximity app delays are a consideration for us.  Thanks for your prompt reply, Magnus.



Yes, unfortunately the app is delayed but the app is not the cause of the delay. The app depends on Collaboration Endpoint Software 8 which consist of much more than just the Proximity solution. As a consequence to a CE8 delay the app is unfortunately also delayed.

Hopefully you can stay tuned for a few more weeks for this awesome feature! :)


Afternoon Magnus, 

I see the proximity app was released for PC / Mac the other day.  Was attempting to connect via windows 7 laptop with app installed and the app was stuck in a "searching for video system" state.  I have turned on BYOD - experimental as well as HTTPS on the SX20 device.  We are running TC7.1.4 on the SX20.  Any assistance would be greatly apprecaited.  Also tried with iOS app from iPhone 6 and it was also unable to find the Telepresence device. 


You need to upgrade your endpoint to tc7.3.3 then to CE8.0 for it to work. As i say that I can't seem to open the Windows desktop version.

My windows 7 laptop did not find the SX10 until I plugged in my Cisco USB Camera, I guess it doesn't like the Lenovo mic.

Thanks for the reply Steve.  I'm hearing our SX20 is no longer covered under contract, so we'd have to take care of that first before applying 8.0?  I also have a Lenovo, I'll keep it in mind about the mic settings.

The Proximty for Desktop releases will only work with CE8.0, if you try to connect to a TC based endpoint, you'll get a notice that it isn't compatiable.  As Steve has suggested, you need to upgrade your endpoint to CE8.0.  Since you're running TC7, you don't need a release key to upgrade the endpoint, but you do need an active service contract to download the software from Cisco's website.

Sometimes a Windows laptop might not detect the ultrasound signal from the endpoint, this is due to the computer's microphone.  It's documented in the Proximity Release Notes as well as in the Proximity for Windows Beta Notes with some suggestions for Windows users.

Also, the Windows Proximity client is 64-bit only, documented in the release notes.


Thank you very much for your input.  I was able to get the .pkg for CE 8 (and TC7.3.3, I'm currently on 7.1).  I see in the release notes CE 8.0 requires a TRC 6 remote.  Just checked mine and its a TRC V.  Will the remote lose functionality when I preform the upgrade?  Are there any other major considerations before moving to CE 8.0?  Again, your help has been greatly appreciated. 

The TRC 5 remote is not supported with CE8 as the GUI does not support all of the buttons on the TRC 5. TRC 6 is much lighter and have fewer buttons.


Suggest you take a look at the CE8 Release Notes to get an idea if you should upgrade or not away from TC software, as some of the changes might impact you, esspeically if you use the API for anything.

Regarding the use of the TRC 5 remote, it's not supported and will give an on-screen error when trying to use it.

Besides the release notes, suggest you take a look at the following discussion, ce800-collaboration-endpoint-software-800-released, to see other concerns or what some are currently talking about in regards to CE8.

Afternoon Magnus, 

Just curious if there's been any update to the Proximity release date?


Pat M

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