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Ask the Experts: Cisco ServiceGrid — Service Integration in the Cloud

This Ask the Expert Session will cover questions about Cisco ServiceGrid and how it works. Cisco ServiceGrid is an integration platform in the cloud that seamlessly connects enterprise IT and service providers to enable automated, multiparty service collaboration. It offers a secure and flexible way to integrate with everyone in the ecosystem and automate sharing of processes, data, and workflows in real-time by eliminating manual practices and bottlenecks and promoting significant operational efficiencies that are scalable and reusable. Learn more and ask questions about features, architecture, use cases, and implementation.

Monday, March 2nd, 2015 to Friday, March 13th, 2015

Alexander Kalaschek is a Service Integration Specialist in the Cisco ServiceGrid technical services group and is based in Austria. He has managed service provider infrastructures and applications for the past 15 years. During his career in service provider ecospheres and smart bonding, Alex has managed the technical services team and developed various product and service delivery enhancements in ServiceGrid. For the past 5 years, Alex has delivered and managed B2B service integrations. He currently works in knowledge management and delivery optimization of ServiceGrid.

Patrick Schneider-Sturm is the team lead for the ServiceGrid support team that handles tier 2 support for the ServiceGrid solution and is based in Vienna. His areas of expertise include IT Service Management (ITSM), ITIL, and web service connections. He has over 10 years support experience and is currently developing a certification program for ServiceGrid to enable official Cisco certifications.

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can you advise what is the

can you advise what is the difference between Ecosystem Manager and Ecosystem Builder?

Cisco Employee

Hi Francisco, Let me explain

Hi Francisco,


Let me explain those two packages for you:

Ecosystem Manager

Cisco ServiceGrid Ecosystem Manager enables customers to create, collaborate and manage support interactions with either multiple customers or vendor participants.

This solution provides customers with Standard ServiceGrid Core Workflows and B2B Connections to any ITSM system.


Ecosystem Builder

Cisco ServiceGrid Ecosystem Builder enables customers to create, collaborate and manage support interactions that span customers and service providers.

In that way they are able to build an end-to-end support ecosystem

Cisco ServiceGrid Ecosystem Builder is required when:

•using custom-built workflows
•sharing processes between customers AND service providers
•creating multi-tiered process flows on a shared workflow that span multiple service providers and/or vendors


We can assess your needs in a small workshop to find the best possible solution for you and your partners.





Can i connect my external

Can i connect my external cmdb with ServiceGrid and how do i do that?

Cisco Employee

Hi Fernando,Thanks for this

Hi Fernando,

Thanks for this question!


CMDB synchronization is recommended to enrich tickets with more details or update the existing configuration (e.g. User locations, Device warranties, Service Level agreements).

The initial setup of the CMDB in ServiceGrid, and the regular synchronization-process after, should be setup by the ServiceGrid implementation specialist together with the customer.

A regular upload with the exported data from the Customer's CMDB to ServiceGrid via Email, SFTP, or even Webservices is possible. ServiceGrid is able to handle various CSV & XML formats.

For more information about our Databroker concept please visit:


hello a beginer, i

hello sir.

as a beginer, i want to ask you something

how important is having redudancy connection over tier 2, and what is the consideration of making those redudancy connection ("the media and technology that should be used")




Cisco Employee

Hi Rizky,  Thank you for this

Hi Rizky,



Thank you for this excellent question.

As a matter of fact, we wouldn't recommend redundancy for your Tier 2 system.

Due to our architecture it is not necessary.

We do have a high availibilty system on ServiceGrid side which is monitored 24/7.

Depending on your connection you just should take care of monitoring your systems at all time.

If a connection can not be established to another system, all messages are queued to be delivered after the partner system is available again.

Our technicians receive a message or a phone call as soon as a monitored connection is not available.

In general we recommend a push/push connection to a SOAP Webservice to make monitoring as easy as possible.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.





thank you sir, that explain

thank you sir, that explain me a lot.

btw sir, would you mind to share me your studying motivation until you become an expert like now 

thank you sir,..



Cisco Employee

Hi Rizky, I learned about

Hi Rizky,


I learned about ServiceGrid 3 years ago. When i started to work here, i knew nothing about ITSM or System Integration at all. I had excellent trainers and the working field was so interesting that i spent a lot of my private time to understand how everything works and how to use the power of ServiceGrid Integration to have the best solution available at all time.

My motivation was to help others understand how ServiceGrid works and i always liked to teach.


thank you for your questions




hello . How can I connect my

hello . How can I connect my homegrown ITSM system with ServiceGrid?

Cisco Employee

Hi Mariana,Thanks for the

Hi Mariana,

Thanks for the question!

There are several ways how to connect your ITSM to and from ServiceGrid.

Our most common transaction methods are:

Next there's to decide who will be the active (sending) part.
E.g. ServiceGrid can pull the information out of your ITSM into the ServiceGrid Database in a given intervall, or you can actively push the information to ServiceGrid in realtime.

Options are:
Push/Pull, Push/push, pull/push, pull/pull.

The content of the transactions itself can either be XML (ServiceGrid's Namespace or yours) or Named-Value Pair in different formats.

The connection method & options can be different for both directions (e.g. ServiceGrid sends an Email with values to your ITSM, your ITSM responds via our Webservice and with XML).

With all these possibilities I'm sure there's a way for you how to connect to us and therefore to all the other B2B ecospheres.

I attached our ServiceGrid Features & functions document.
For more information please refer to chapter 2.6 & 2.7.

Have a great day!




Is there a list of "Ecosystem

Is there a list of "Ecosystem Trading Partners" available?

I would like to know what service providers are currently integrated with ServiceGrid.


Cisco Employee

Good question!Unfortunately

Good question!

Unfortunately Cisco doesn't share customer information or a full list of all connected Business Partners.
But if you ask for a specific Business Partner we, or your Cisco ServiceGrid Partner, can tell you if they're already on board.

If you don't know your Cisco ServiceGrid Partner please use the search at:
, type "ServiceGrid" into the "Product, Category or Company"-Filter and set your location.

Thanks & regards,


Hi Alex,Thank you for the

Hi Alex,

Thank you for the reply.

However, I get no results when I put "ServiceGrid" in the "Product, Category or Company" field and set the location to "United States" or "United Kingdom".


Just to make sure that I am understanding these results correctly...

  • Does this mean that there are NO companies/vendors that are currently involved in the integration with the Cisco ServiceGrid offering in the United States and the United Kingdom?

  • Does this mean that there are NO companies/vendors that are selling services that include the Cisco ServiceGrid platform in the United States or the United Kingdom?


Cisco Employee

Hello Mike,sorry for the

Hello Mike,

sorry for the delay in the reply, the thread was locked after the "Ask the Expert" was over. I'm unlocking it just for this reply, so if you have any additional questions, may I kindly ask you to create a new thread?

Now, to your question:

Currently, all integration work is done by Cisco ServiceGrid itself. We have multiple teams in various regions.

We do have Re-selling partners. If you enter "ServiceGrid Reseller" in Product, Category or Company, you'll get several results for both the UK and the US.

Hope that helps!


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