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2960s switch - Can I go from Version 12.2(55)SE to 15.2(2)E9?

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Need help:-

2960s switch - Can I go from Version 12.2(55)SE to 15.2(2)E9?

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Martin L


Yes, it seems that all models of c2960 can support at least IOS 15.0 

15.2.x is for X model. that is what you have, right?

since there are several models, make sure you choose correct one - difference in size of RAM and flash storage. 


go to


Regards, ML
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Thank a lot Martin for quick reply. I have various models of 2960 including 2960x.


The release I am trying to go from 12.2 to 15.x.


well, it seems that u can get IOS for older as well as newer X models. Just make sure u upgrade switch model with appropriate IOS version as older models seemed to stop at 15.0 whereas IOS 15.2 is the latest for newer ones.

Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
You can go direct.
Note: There is a possibility of an automatic ROMMON/bootstrap upgrade and this can take up to 20 minutes.

Thanks for precise answer. 


We have a basic SVI configured with default gateway, also ISE authentication is enabled on some of the ports(Mab commands). is there any configuration change ? 


Also you mentioned Rommon upgrade, do I have to use same .bin file or .tar file ?

No changes necessary.
If you want to get the upgrade done right, use the TAR file. To push the firmware to the switch:

archive download-sw tftp://TFTP_IP_ADDRESS/IOS_filename.tar
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