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Anyone working or have worked at Cisco? What are your thoughts?

I've just accepted an offer from Cisco as a Software Engineer in the data department. From the reviews I've seen through glassdoor, it seems to be a comfortable place to work with good employee satisfaction. However, I'm a little worried after hearing news about the recent layoffs that Cisco has had.

From what I know, Cisco is cutting costs in their Network area and focusing more on cloud/data (which I will be working on).

This will be my first job in the industry and I am a little nervous after hearing news of those layoffs. I would really like a stable job that I could keep for atleast 4-5 years and gain enough knowledge and experience to move onto another company (if I even choose to do so in the future).

So for those of you who currently work at Cisco:

How do you feel Cisco is as a company and how satisfied are you with the work you do?

Are the layoffs something that constantly are on peoples minds who work there?

For those of you who used to work for Cisco:

How well do you think Cisco prepared you for your career at another company?

Was is easy to find another job or difficult?

For those of you who have never worked at Cisco:

Can you share any similar experiences you've had related to this?

Any feedback would help, thank you

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