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Good morning.  Could someone please explain to me the difference between "Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client.evtx" and "Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client.evtx"?  I'm trying to search for any remote connections to the computer with these two logs. Than...

alim4n6 by Level 1
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The UCCE REST API replies in some cases with a response containing <permissionInfo> with insufficient access to perform the operations I want the account to be table to do.  Also, in other cases the response HTTP code is 403. How do I adjust the perm...

rchaddock by Level 1
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for Email I need to calculate average handle time for completed message only ,and as the same get  average handle time for reply message only . using  stock report Agent Work Summary but in this report calculate Average hanle time for all message (se...

Hello i am studying for my CCNP test and i am covering EIGRP and i just want to make sure i have it correct. I have 2 routers connected via Serial 0/0/0 both running EIGRP with an ASN of 65000, and i want to advertise and summarize the interfac...

Resolved! 3850 IOS Version

I tried switching from 3.06.07E to 16.03.06 and got [1]: % An internal error was encountered. Operation aborted. Does this software version not work with my switch version? Did I miss something? How would I know looking at the software download page?...

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Proximity but continue to get the error below:   ---------------------------Proximity crashed---------------------------Proximity has crashed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. A crash r...

mcaccia by Cisco Employee
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I am able to access CIMC during boot-up via F8 and perform basic settings (NIC mode, IP address, etc. -- See attached screencap). However once I save the configuration and let ESXi boot, I cannot access the CIMC Web GUI. I just get a generic "Can't r...

bmoney by Level 1
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Recovering a Device from the No Service Password-Recovery Feature To recover a device once the No Service Password-Recovery feature has been enabled, use the telnet client only (SSH is not supported). This telnet client is capable of breaking out of...