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CISCO Anyconnect Dart installation happens everytime when I use the vpn



I have a problem while I use this program every time.

I don't know the reason why all the other people don't have any problem like me (they can connect after just login), but in my case, the CISCO program installs the anyconnect dart every time again and again (it takes ~15 min every time).

Even, frequently, they fail the installation (Below, I also added the log. Sometimes it works, sometimes does not).

So I asked to the IT service center, but they didn't know what was the problem. 

I also uninstalled the program and installed it again, but it didn't solve the problem.

Please let me know what's going on with CISCO and its anyconnect DART.


Best regards,



11:02:29 Ready to connect.
11:02:29 Contacting
11:02:34 User credentials entered.
11:02:34 Establishing VPN session...
11:02:35 The AnyConnect Downloader is performing update checks...
11:02:35 Checking for profile updates...
11:02:36 Checking for product updates...
11:02:36 Downloading AnyConnect DART 4.3.00748 - 29%
11:02:37 Downloading AnyConnect DART 4.3.00748 - 65%
11:02:38 Downloading AnyConnect DART 4.3.00748 - 100%
11:02:38 Checking for customization updates...
11:02:38 Performing any required updates...
11:12:40 Establishing VPN session...
11:12:40 Establishing VPN - Initiating connection...
11:12:40 Disconnect in progress, please wait...
11:12:41 The secure gateway has rejected the connection attempt. A new connection attempt to the same or another secure gateway is needed, which requires re-authentication.
The following message was received from the secure gateway: Other error
11:12:42 AnyConnect was not able to establish a connection to the specified secure gateway. Please try connecting again.
11:12:43 Ready to connect.

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