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Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance v12 SNMP traps



  • We need to forward events from Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance v12 to a target system and keep both synchronized even when the last one is not available due to planned or unplanned downtime.
  • Events were close during the downtime will not be synchronized anymore and will remain open in the target system until somebody proceeds to close them manually. We need to prevent this situation.
  • Our concern is how to save or queue SNMP traps in Cisco Prime when the target system is offline. The idea is to forward those SNMP traps when it is up and running again.
  • Here you have a brief description of the solution we need to validate in terms o feasibility:
    We will check the target system availability through a kind of heartbeat. Cisco Prime will receive an SNMP trap from the target system every minute. If this trap is not received, Cisco Prime will trigger a script or program to put those SNMP traps in some kind of buffer or queue to forwarding them to the target system later on.


  1. Can we trigger a java o python program from a Cisco Prime alert when it becomes critical?
  2. How can we retain this information in the meantime?
  3. Does Cisco Prime have a buffer, queue o database mechanism?
    Any suggestion?
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