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Packet Tracer 7.2.x Bugs


Packet tracer 7.2.x branch have bugs that makes it annoying and somehow useless.

I was using PT version 6.3 first which was good, but then i decided to move to version 7.2 but I've faced a handful of annoying bugs:


PT v7.2.0:

Beside asking for login to every time i opened PT, The most annoying bug was using "default int fas0/0" command which makes PT crash and makes a minidump.


PT v7.2.1:

If my topology being open for like a day, no matter how many times I've saved it, after re-opening that project i get this message: "There are some unsaved IOT devices". but my topology is OK and everything was saved and works fine.


PT v7.2.2:

First, the official setup was almost 100MB smaller in size than previous v7.2.1 setup.

Second, There are a lot of GUI bugs like not showing any cursor icons when i select any of toolbar functions like "Inspect (P)", "Delete(Del)", "Add note(N)", "Draw line/rect(R)", "Simple PDU (P)" and ....

Another GUI bug is when i try to select some nodes using mouse, the border line doesn't disappear for couple of seconds.

The saving function bug which I've mentioned earlier for v7.2.1 is still present also.


Now i'm back to v6.3 but i hope someone from PT dev team read my topic and fix these bugs without introducing more bugs in future releases.


Re: Packet Tracer 7.2.x Bugs

good to know; thanks ofr sharing!

did u inform PT team via Net academy ? they are the ones who can fix it.

Re: Packet Tracer 7.2.x Bugs

Dear Martin,
I already committed the reports to PT bug tracker but I don't know where can i contact PT team via Net academy?

Re: Packet Tracer 7.2.x Bugs

I have the same problem with the cursors when cabling devices and/or selecting the delete operation. There is no indication from the cursor. Since delete mode is a toggle, you can be in delete mode and not know it and accidentally delete something form the topology. Esc still cancels the delete mode but it would be nice to have the cursor indicator back.

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