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Problem tipping 2504 wireless LAN controller



I have two 2504 wireless LAN controller that are plugged into the LAN. One as primary and the other as backup.
When I disconnect the primary, the backup must take control of the WIFI access points but no one devices can connect to them.

I waited a few minutes but nothing changed.

Primary controller (before unplugging) :


Backup controller (after unplunning the primary): 


When I reconnect the primary, it takes control of the WIFI access points and all devices can connect to them.

Both are connected in trunk, are on the same authorized VLAN and connected in gigabit ethernet.

Here are the configurations I made on the primary controller :




For the last screen I made the same for the secondary controller. 

Also both are the same software version.


If you want more precision, i am listening.


Thank you

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first check this link, the steps to config HA N+1 in 2500 series.

I've already done that.

THIS STEP is important for me 
""Go to Secondary Controller GUI and navigate to
Controllerthen enable the AP Fallback (Enable on both WLC) & HA SKU secondary unit from drop down option.""

HA SKU secondary unit and AP Fallback are enable for secondary WLC, only the secondary HA SKU is disabled for the primary WLC, but that doesn't matter I think

HA SKU secondary unit and AP Fallback are enabled in the secondary WLC. Only secondary unit HA SKU is disabled for primary unit, but that doesn't matter I think.

AP fallback must config for both  WLC 

It's the case

So Are this issue solved with AP fallback ??

Both WLCs already have AP fallback in enable. I will do a reset system tomorrow of the primary WLC at 8:30 a.m (French time) and I will see the result.

From step I send before
""Reboot Secondary WLC to take effect of (config redundancy unit secondary) this command.(According to my test, if you will not reboot this WLC after applying this command AP failover will not happen)""

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