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Subnet mask status incorrect? 2.1.2 Packet Tracer .. Simple Network


Ive spent hours trying to understand what I am doing wrong. I followed the instructions to a t. This is honestly ridiculous . 


2.1.2 Packet Tracer - Create a Simple Network.   Can someone helo me understand what I could have possibly done wrong? I don't think though I did anything wrong as I was just following the directions. ugh. 

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Compress your exercise(winzip) and attach it for check.



Here's my compressed exercise, Luis. Perhaps you can take a look?



  1. Instructions as embedded within Packet Tracer (, MacOS Monterey 12.4) won't allow response entry (can't enter IP, Subnet Mask, Gateway for PC/Laptop). Double-clicking visible answer rectangles show "Blank", but still won't allow text entry.
  2. Completion won't go past 75%.
  3. Clicking 'Check Results' button displays window stating activity is incomplete. Upon selecting 'Assessment Items' tab, result shows everything with green checkmarks except PC->Ports->FastEthernet0->Subnet Mask where Status column shows Incorrect.

Since the activity has us set the PC and Laptop to DHCP, we shouldn't even have to enter a Subnet Mask; however, all viewing options show that the Subnet Mask is correct at (Viewing options meaning click device, then any of: Config-><Interface>->IP Configuration OR Desktop->IP Configuration OR Desktop->Command Prompt->ipconfig /all)


And, while this is failing, how do we complete this exercise? I can type the answers in the web-side PDF instructions window; however, that doesn't mark the exercise as complete.

I found out in later exercises that the boxes within the Packet Tracer instructions can't be edited. We have to use the actual PDF from the button alongside the Activity download button.


I played around with various locations to set the Subnet Mask value. Now, my Subnet Mask shows a green checkmark - and the IP address shows a red checkmark, lol.


Again, when I view the various values, everything appears correct!

Did you figure it out? Having the same issue.



Same exact issue. On mine though it won't let me enter the IP information in the 'Reflection' section. I even set a static default gateway and still rejected. I'm sitting at 75% so the next button doesn't work. My Packet Tracer is

Screenshot from 2022-04-19 20-37-36.pngScreenshot from 2022-04-19 20-37-14.png




I noticed that in the Course Completion Assessment & Survey they are using an IP range of 172.16.0.x whereas the actual .pka supplied now uses 192.168.0.x. Not sure if that was recently changed and the expected gateway is 172.16 instead of 192.168. 


Had the same situation while completing the assesment, couldn't edit the "blanks" in the "Reflection" section




It seems most Packet Tracer Activities won't allow editing of the instructions part. You can, however, put those answers into the actual PDF in most cases.


The PDF is available alongside the Activity. There are two buttons, one with an image of a piece of paper - which opens the PDF associated with the Activity; and the other with the download icon, which actually downloads the Packet Tracer file (which includes a non-editable version of the PDF instructions).


The problem with this particular Activity file is that it won't mark the Activity as complete. It thinks the PC has an incorrect subnet mask - which is incorrect, lol!


I'm having the exact same problem. Triple check that the PC is correctly configured.

Hope someone looks into this and corrects the results so it can be completed.


Same problem. Fields in the Reflection section are not editable and so cannot progress. 

The Reflection section fields aren't editable - true. But, the reason the Activity won't progress is that Packet Tracer thinks the PC has an invalid subnet mask or ip address.


Click the 'Check Results' button: it'll say (as you know) "This activity is incomplete, please try again."


Then, click the 'Assessment Items' tab at the top, and you'll see green check marks everywhere except:

PC -> Ports -> FastEthernet0


Either the IP Address or Subnet Mask section will have a red check mark. Yet, we're using DHCP, so all that should be automatically assigned! That's the actual reason the Activity won't go to 100%.


Same issue here. This is my first exposure to the course and a requirement for my uni entry. Within the second video of these tutorials the webcam device didn't even have the correct settings to be cabled and I had to go look for answers elsewhere, now THIS exercise doesn't even work? Gimme a break, is this seriously supposed to be an industry standard course?




without solution yet?


I am using PT 8.1.1 on win 10

I can only ditto all that have been written here. Not able to get past the 75 %

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