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UCCE 12.0 and Finesse 12.0.1 CTI Mask invalid



Im currently deploying a UCCE 12 environment with Finesse 12.  I can login to the Finesse Admin page, but when I attempt to login to the Agent Desktop I receive and Out of Service error.  Upon looking at the Desktop logs, I see a CTI error:


][product_name=Unknown product][subsystem_exception_info=][tid=Reader][version_number=Unknown product_-1_-1_-1_-1_-1_-1_-1]: Information associated with the following logged exception 
0000200543: 10.x.x.x: Jan 30 2019 09:38:30.847 -0600: %CCBU_pool-60-thread-1-3-CTI_CONNECTION_RETRIES_EXCEEDED: %[Host=<redacted>][port=42027]: System has failed to connect to CTI server in the allowed number of retries. ; Please check the network connection, and check whether the CTI server is online 
0000200555: 10.x.x.x: Jan 30 2019 09:38:30.853 -0600: %CCBU_pool-60-thread-1-3-startCTIWriter-handleBeanFailure Failure Conf: Received Msg=CTIFailureConf [status=95,text=null]CTIFailureConf [ invokeID=7908, cti_sequence_id=7908, msgID=1, msgName=FailureConf, deploymentType=CCE] 
0000200556: 10.x.x.x: Jan 30 2019 09:38:30.853 -0600: %CCBU_pool-60-thread-1-3-CTI_OPEN_FAILURE: %[ERROR_DESCRIPTION=Open Req returned failure][error_code=95][error_message=null]: CTI Server rejected open request ; There is a configuration mismatch between this server and the CTI server


Looking at the ctisvr logs, this is repeated every ms:


Invalid Enterprise CTI message received from session: 234 (new client at (<redacted>:44444)), type: OPEN_REQ, error: E_CTI_INVALID_CONFIG_MSG, field: ConfigMsgMask. 


Looks like the MASK being sent from Finesse is 0xe3:


09:42:32:372 cg1A-ctisvr Session 69724: MsgType:OPEN_REQ (InvokeID:0x20c7 VersionNumber:22 IdleTimeout:40 PeripheralID:5000
09:42:32:372 cg1A-ctisvr Session 69724: ServiceMask:0x1140d96 CallMsgMask:0x9defff AgentStateMask:0x3fff ConfigMsgMask:0xe3
09:42:32:372 cg1A-ctisvr Session 69724: Reserved:0 Reserved:0 Reserved:0 ClientID:"Finesse" ClientPassword:<0x70617373 776400>
09:42:32:372 cg1A-ctisvr Session 69724: ApplicationPathID:5000 )

Has anyone run into this?


Finesse Build is

UCCE from registry is 12.0.

CTI version is , Build 00472

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