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Cisco dCloud Translated Content - Chinese


Cisco dCloud Content

Translated to Chinese

Cisco dCloud 中文资源库


Cisco dCloud provides demonstrations and documentation in English. The translated documentation below has been created by local Cisco teams and is provided as-is. Technical support is only available for the English versions; refer to the English versions for troubleshooting. For a complete content catalog visit



Videos (视频), Tools(工具) 及 培训资源

Documentation (文档)

Demonstrations (演示)请点击相应的文档链接


Cisco Collaboration 10.5 v1 – Transform Work with Collaboration

Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution 10.6.2 v2

Cisco Preferred Architecture for Enterprise Collaboration 10.6 Lab v1

Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 11.0 v1

Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance 10.6 v1

Consolidate Communications Infrastructure v1

Multichannel Customer Service 11.0 v1

Enable meetings with Remote Attendees

PA for Video 10.6 v1

Data Center and Virtualization(数据中心及虚拟化)

Cisco APIC with UCS Director 5.2 v2

Cisco UCS Director 5.3 v1

FlexPod with Microsoft Hyper-V v1

Cisco HyperFlex HX Data Platform - Deployment and Operations v2

Cisco APIC1.2 with CloudCenter 4.5 v1

Cisco APIC1.2 with VMWare v1

Cisco UCS Central 1.4 v1

Cisco One Enterprise Cloud Suite v1

Cisco UCS Director 5.4 with VMware v1

Internet of Everything(万物互联)

Cisco IoE Application Platform with RuBAN v1

Enterprise Networking(企业网)

Cisco Virtual Wireless LAN Controller 8.0 Configuration Wizard v1

Cisco IWAN - Transport Independent and Intelligent Path Control v1

Cisco 4D APIC-EM IWAN Application Lab v2

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0 Wireless Planning Tool v1

Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.0 v1.1

Cisco APIC-EM Network PNP v1

Cisco APIC-EM Python Sandbox v1.1

Cisco vWLC configuration wizard 8.2


Cisco Email Security Appliance 11 Lab v1


Cyber Threat Response Lab v3


Cisco AMP for Endpoints v1 – Instant Demo

Cisco Security Integration v1 - Instant Demo


Cisco Email Security Appliance Office 365 Threat Analyzer v1


Cisco Next-Generation Firewall 6.2 Advanced Lab v1


Radware DDoS v1


Cisco Stealthwatch 6.9 v1 - Instant Demo

Cisco Firepower Management Center 6.2 v1.2 Sandbox


Cisco Security Everywhere v1.2


Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller 2.2 and Security Integrations with FTD & ASA v1


Cisco ASA to FTD Migration Tool v1.1


Cisco Firepower Management Center 6.2 Proof of Value v1


Cisco Firepower Management Center 6.2 v1.1 - Instant Demo


Firepower Threat Defense Basics Lab v2


Cisco Identity Services Engine 2.2 v1.1 – Instant Demo


Ransomware Defense Acceleration Lab v1.1


Cisco Ransomware Defense – Quick Prevention v1.2


Cisco Stealthwatch 6.8 Proof of Value v1


Cisco Stealthwatch Learning Network License v1


Cisco Security Everywhere v1.1


Cisco Stealthwatch 6.8 v1.1


Cisco Firepower Threat Defense 6.1 Lab v1.1


Cisco Sourcefire 5.3 v1.1

Cisco ISE 1.3 for BYOD and Guest Management v1.1

Cisco Firepower Management Center 6.0 v1.1

Cisco ISE 2.0 For BYOD and Guest Management v1.1

Cisco FireSIGHT System 5.4 Proof of Value v1.1

CTD 6.7 v1

Cisco Rapid threat contain v1


Service Provider(服务提供商)

Cisco Network Service Orchestrator Sandbox v1

Cisco Self Learning Networks - DDoS Detection v1.2

Cisco WAN Automation 6.3 with 16 Nodes v1

Cisco WAN Automation 6.3 Segment Routing v1




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