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IOS-XE software version 17.3.2 and NX-OS 10.2.1 for campus networking devices and NextGen platforms simplify the End Customer’s operations by removing the initial software use compliance and the ongoing communication with the Cisco cloud. Also, registration before use is not be required for software use compliance, though software use reporting will be needed.

Easier, faster, and more consistent

Smart Licence Using Policy simplifies the way End Customers activate and manage their licenses.  SL now supports simpler and more flexible offer structures, allowing customers to have an easier, faster, and more consistent way to purchase, renew, or upgrade their licenses.  

  • No evaluation mode at product boot, no registration required to
  • No ongoing communication with Cisco cloud per device
  • Reporting of software use is required
  • No network deployment operating expense

This new version supports the following Cisco products: Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches, routing platforms such as the ASR1K, ISR1K, ISR4K, Cisco Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Controllers, IoT routers and switches, ACI, NX-OS, MDS, and a few Collab products (CME, SRST, CUBE). 


Customers and Partners can upgrade their devices to the newest version of IOS-XE  (available via Software Download) and NX-OS.

  • New purchases of Smart Licensing-enabled products with the new IOS-XE version will automatically be enrolled in this new deployment method, in Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW).
  • After implementing the ‘Smart Licensing Using Policy’, customers are responsible for submitting usage reports per the reporting policy installed on their devices instead of registering each device through their Smart Account on Cisco Smart Software Manager (CSSM).
  • Partners can continue placing orders via Holding Account. The uploading of software usage reports from a customer network to their Smart Account will automatically transfer the purchased assets from the Holding Account to the customer Smart Account.


If you have support questions about Smart Accounts and Software Licensing, open a case via Support Case Manager (SCM). To learn more on how to open a case in SCM, click here.



Smart Licensing FAQ Document - including Smart Licensing Using Policy

Smart Licensing Using Policy Configuration Guide

Cisco Smart License Utility (CSLU) Download

CSLU Guide

Introduction to Smart License Using Policy Video: English, Chinese (Mandarin)Chinese (Traditional)JapaneseKorean


Smart Licensing Using Policy Demo Videos

CSLU Windows: Install, Set up, Uninstall

CSLU connected with device initiated workflows (PUSH mode)

CSLU connected with device initiated workflows (PULL mode)
CSLU connected to Product Instance and disconnected from Cisco

No CSLU - Product instance direct-connect using trust token

No CSLU - Product instance direct-connect to get authorization code for HSECK9 license
No CSLU, product instance air-gapped - get offline RUM/ACK and Auth-request
Brownfield upgrade – SL EVAL, Registered, RTU (focus on reporting)
Brownfield upgrade – PAK (focus on auth-codes)
Brownfield upgrade – SLR (focus on auth-codes)


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@MartinMurray45348 Try using tags. We used to track all of our licenses under VAs and sub VAs. Recently we began using Tags and it is much easier, IMHO.


Just go to the license tab, select the device or devices that you'd like to tag, select the "Available Actions" pull down and then "Add License Tag". From there name your tag, save it and a little yellow tag appears beside your license(s).







The On-Prem CSSM now supports CLSU so maybe if you keep the CSSM in the specific smart account the devices will stay there if they register to it? I still need to move my handful of devices using CLSU over to it and test it myself, but I recon it may help keep devices where they're supposed to be.


Easier, faster and more Consistant ?? I would say it's more complex, takes you hours to find the right documentation and then you spend hours in troubleshooting before you get your first box licensed. Cisco never learns it.....


Hi jmauller,

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