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Archive of Past Meetings 2005


State of IP Telephony - September 2005
Over the past decade, there have been rapid changes in the way people and organizations communicate. Many of these changes spring from the  explosive growth of the Internet and from applications based on Internet Protocol (IP). In the wake of these technology advances, voice and data traffic solutions are the next major applications to take full advantage of IP. As the enterprise faces new and growing demand from  customers for greater accessibility, IP telephony is an increasingly important technology that supports business operations.

802.1x/Port Security - September 2005
Cisco switches that support both 802.1x security and Cisco IP Phones have the ability to differentiate between access of the voice VLAN by Cisco IP Phones and access of the data VLAN by devices connected to the auxiliary ports (daisy-chained) of IP Phones. Thus 802.1x  port-level security can be achieved on switch ports connected to Cisco IP Phones which are, in turn, connected to end-user devices.

Cisco's CRS-1 Rounting Platform and the Future of IP Routing  - May 2005
Steve works for the Carrier Core and Multiservice Business Unit (CCMSBU) which is responsible for delivering intelligent high-speed, high-density IP/MPLS edge and core products that form the  foundation of the IP NGN with IOS XR. In addition, the ATM/FR switching as well as the high-end media gateway portfolio allows CCMSBU to work closely with service providers in developing and implementing migration strategies for these services onto IP/MPLS infrastructures. With the  Cisco CRS-1, 12000, and MGX 8800/8900, CCMSBU enables the foundation of the IP NGN both at the converged edge as well as the core.

Before starting at Cisco, Steve worked for Exodus Communications for 7 years from 1995 to 2002 as a Sr. Network Architect,  then at Procket Networks for 2 years, and came in to Cisco through the acquisition of Procket.

SSL VPN 4.7 release  - April 2005
Featuring the TWINGO technology and improvements to SSL VPN which uses a clientless (web browser) or dynamically downloaded client for remote access. There will be an interactive discussion about this critical topic.

Learn More About Security Features for Cisco's New ISR Routers - February 2005
Ariel Coro, Consulting Security Engineer for Cisco Systems will  present the security features for Cisco™s new ISR Routers.Cisco™s new  routers are designed to provide the integrated functionalities of both data and video. All of this traffic needs to be transferred in a secure  manner.In addition to Cisco™s hardware upgrades to the ISR line, Cisco has added new unparallel security features in the IOS. These features  include a certified Firewall, a fully configurable Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), VPN and others. Ariel will be digging into these features and their value. Speaker Overview.

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