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Archive of Past Meetings 2006


Advanced LAN Technologies - December 2006
DHCP Snooping, IIP Source Guard, Dynamic ARP Inspection, Rapid Spanning Tree, and more…

Secured Voice - November 2006
Discussion and presentation on Secured Voice. Integrated Secure Voice  Managed Services enable various voice and video applications behind  Enterprise Class Teleworker enabled CPEs (ie: remote router) within a  secured network. While firewall ACL in ECT-enabled CPE will block  anything needed for these voice services (except the control messages).  Other security features (ie: NAC, 802.1x, Authentication Proxy) should  also bypass authentication confirmation from VoIP phones. Firewall  inspection will open necessary ports to permit voice traffic after a  call has been initiated. Quality of Service must be initially enabled  for voice traffic, based on uplink bandwidth available from the ISP.

Paul Serbin, Cisco Systems Product Sales Specialist

MPLS Services for Network Connectivity - October 2006
Covering the replacement of traditional WAN technologies like  frame-relay, ATM, lease line with MPLS and discuss the technical and  business advantages such as cost savings, BW upgrades, and any-to-any  connectivity. A hands-on demonstration and lab is included along with implementation  choices of route filters, BGP AS Assignment, etc.
Jason Bomar, CCIE #9316, has been working in the Cisco Networking arena  since 1996 and is a partner in a Cisco Silver Reseller. He has worked in  many environments and on may projects, from as small as single router  IOS upgrades to as large as hundreds of 6500 switches in a world wide  deployment. He has enjoyed being affiliated with SCCUG since its  inception, many years ago.

Securing IOS Devices - September 2006
Interactive discussion with slides to talk about ways to secure an IOS device.

Response Time Measurements in a Cisco Network Environment - August 2006
Method 1: Cisco's IP-SLA technology will be explained as well as  discussing benefits for network engineering, MPLS/QoS rollouts, VoIP  call quality, and the ability to validate service levels contracts from  providers.
Method 2: Also, we will discuss the ability to extract End to End  Application performance from the network by leveraging the advanced  spanning technology in the 6500 series such as VACL and RSPAN to analyze  application traffic on the fly and determine if /why applications are  running slow.

Cisco Wireless Mesh 1500 - July 2006
The agenda included the following three sections:
First Session: Overview of Cisco wireless network architecture
The first section is an overview/review of the Cisco wireless network  architecture along with a real-time WCS demo.  Cisco just released  Beringer (version 4.0) of the software with some terrific enhancements.    
Second section: Mesh networking
Mesh is an extension of the current architecture where discussion will  be based around additional enhancements and considerations of  implementing a mesh network.  
Third section: Impact of mesh networking
As more municipalities and providers roll out large-scale mesh networks,  access will be ubiquitous and wide reaching, even to the point of  breaching many enterprises’s physical security.  Currently we focus on  rogue access points; soon we will need to monitor rogue clients as well.   We will show how to identify and respond to this new threat.

Cisco Wide Area File Services - June 2006
The presentation should be an overview and discussion about using the  Cisco WAFS product to provide edge file and print services to remote  offices, while preserving a centralized storage model for the  organization. I hope to be able to do a live demo of some configuration  and benchmarking on the WAE-511 product.

Using PKI to secure IPSec VPNs - May 2006
The most common method used to authenticate VPN hosts is pre-shared  passwords. The problem is that passwords are static and not scalable. Using Public Key Infrastructure as a means to authenticate hosts  provides a scalable solution that also offers confidentiality and  integrity. For smaller VPN installs, static pre-shared password are acceptable, but  for larger deployment – and especially for DMVPN deployments, using PKI  is the Cisco recommended solution.

Building a Self-Defending Network –  A Look Into CSM and ASA - April 2006
CSM – (replacement for VMS) Cisco Security Manager is part of the  Cisco Security Management Suite, which delivers comprehensive policy  administration and enforcement for the Cisco Self-Defending Network. The  suite also includes the Cisco Security Monitoring, Analysis, and  Response System (MARS), which can be purchased separately. Unlike point  security products from multiple vendors, which often do not work  together and can leave vulnerable gaps, the Cisco Security Management  Suite provides a comprehensive solution for provisioning, monitoring,  and mitigation to keep networks safer, more resilient, and easier to  operate.

ASA - The Cisco ASA 5500 Series Business Edition provides small  and medium-sized companies with comprehensive gateway security and VPN  connectivity. With its combined firewall and anti-X capabilities, the  Cisco ASA 5500 Series is able to stop threats at the gateway before they  enter the network and impact business operations. These same services  are extended to remote access users providing a threat protected VPN  connection.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery - March 2006
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery are not a priority in our  minds for the majority of the time...until something happens. Usually,  panic and chaos take over and a task that would normally take a few  hours (depending on the situation) can extend to days, weeks or even  months. As a matter of fact, many times, portions of the data are never  recovered causing your business insurmountable losses in operational and  business losses. In this presentation Ariel Coro will cover the  strategies for choosing the appropriate Business Continuity Strategy for  your organization and the differences between high availability and  Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Introduction to IP Telephony and VoIP Solutions - February 2006
Introduction to IPTel and VoIP Walk through the pieces needed to make a  simple phone call to a Cisco IP phone from an 'offnet' cellphone. We'll  build some diagrams, look at a few slides, and interact with a live  CallManager demo unit. Along the way we'll mention CODECs, DSPs,  gateways, QOS, call management, and call routing."

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