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Archive of Past Meetings 2008


Panel of IT Professionals, December 2008
The Southern California Cisco  User Group is excited to welcome Vinay Nichani a Cisco SEM, Kevin Marz VP of  Professional Services of Ascolta, Hersel Shoumer CEO of LA Networks and Susan Yu  Corporate Recruiter for

Routing 101
Jason Bomar of LA Networks, July 2008
Routing 101 – The presentation will  include basic fundamentals of IP routing, route tables, route selection, etc. as  well as common design principals in EIGRP and OSPF. All material will be based  on real world practices and any questions, regardless of how basic, will be open  for discussion.   

Cisco NAC (Network Admission Control) Solution
Robert Yee of Cisco

Cisco NAC:  Network Admission Control solution, Roberts presentation will be a high overview of NAC design and how it works. 

802.11n and Cisco 1250 Access Point and ASR 1000
Robert Yee and Danny Wesonga of  Cisco Systems - April 2008

The topic of Robert’s presentation  will be on 802.11n and Cisco 1250 Access Point. The topic of Danny’s presentation will be the ASR 1000. He will give an  overview of this new platform and its architecture and discuss product  positioning. Cisco's Quantum Flow Processor and what it brings to the  table will also be a point of discussion.

Network Design Clinic
Jason Bomar with LA Networks Services, Inc. - March 2008

Jason  Bomar will be presenting a Network Design Clinic, covering different aspects of  network design (routing, switching, addressing, security, etc.). There will be a  fairly brief presentation, but this is mostly intended as a working session. You  can bring real world questions and get real world answers from a professional  consultant – for free! Better yet, we can present the scenario to the group and  discuss it as a whole, this kind of discussion happens rarely in this industry,  and being able to ask it and get multiple viewpoints can be of HUGE benefit in  your every day job.

MPLS WAN’s for the Enterprise

Jason Bomar with LA Networks Services, Inc. January 2008
MPLS Technology, or Layer 3 VPN’s, is  dominating the marketplace at this time. Gone are the days of Frame-Relay and  ATM, and here are the days of any-to-any connectivity and QoS. In this session  you will learn the ins and outs of evaluating different MPLS service offerings,  what many of the common problems and pitfalls are, and what things to plan for  when selecting a vendor and implementing a project. We will try and demystify  some of the “vendor speak” for you surrounding this technology and touch very  briefly on more advanced offerings along with this technology such as VPLS, etc.

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