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Archive of Past Meetings 2009


Jason Bomar Of LA Networks, December 2009
Advanced Routing Techniques - Many people can set up a basic  routing protocol and the topic has been covered several times within  this very group. But what happens when basic EIGRP won’t get the job  done? Perhaps you have bought a company that uses OSPF and you need to  merge the networks? What if you want to implement a multi-vendor MPLS  solution and want so load share the two clouds which are NOT connected?  How about if you have an MPLS cloud for extranet business partners – how  will you keep them separate without buying more infrastructure? All of  these topics and many more will be covered in a deeper dive into the  tool belt of the Router Jockey!

Jules Baweu of Sohnen Ent. and Robert Yee of Cisco Systems, November 2009
The presentation will introduce the fundamentals of Spanning Tree  Protocol (STP); will covert the features and operation of the protocol.  Features for enhancing STP performance - Rapid STP and Multiple STP will  be discussed. Will briefly discuss Per VLAN Spanning tree (PVST+) and  Per VLAN Rapid Spanning Tree (PVRST).  Overview of the latest ISR  updates. We will discuss the new architecture, service modules and IOS.

Alex Wehmeier of LA Networks and Robert Yee of Cisco Systems,  October 2009
SIP Peering for the Corporation: this will be a discussion of how to  best leverage VOIP technologies for the “last mile” connectivity to the  PSTN. Topics will include: SIP technology overview, how SIP peering will  drive cost savings, what additional functionality and redundancy can be  achieved, design and deployment ideas and potential issues to look out  for. This is the newest version of ACS and it has been given a massive  overhaul. Robert will cover the key differences between 5.0 and its  predecessors as well as give a live demo comparing ACS 5.0 and ACS 4.2

Mike Holland Of , September 2009
Mike will be presenting a high level overview of IP Multicast. Topics  will include PIM, IGMP, tree types, design criteria, deployment options,  etc. He will start with a general overview of types of multicast and  their applications. Time permitting, we will be also covering  troubleshooting commands and some of the common issues with the  implementation of multicast based on an Enterprise environment.

Jason Bomar Of LA Networks , August 2009
Jason Bomar will be presenting a Network Design Clinic, covering  different aspects of network design (routing, switching, addressing,  security, etc.). There will be a fairly brief presentation, but this is  mostly intended as a working session. You can bring real world questions  and get real world answers from a professional consultant – for free!  Better yet, we can present the scenario to the group and discuss it as a  whole, this kind of discussion happens rarely in this industry, and  being able to ask it and get multiple viewpoints can be of HUGE benefit  in your every day job.

Jason Bomar Of LA Networks , July 2009
Nexus and How it Fits in Your Data Center - By now almost everyone has heard of the Nexus switches, but how  many people have deployed them, particularly in a production  environment? We will walk through a practical case study where we look  at a greenfield Data Center that decided to use Nexus as its core  technology. We will look at what technologies they did buy into, which  ones they didn't, and the reasons why, and the lessons learned. Although  all of the information has been scrubbed to remove any reference to  particular clients, this presentation will be based on real world  accounts.

Ryan Mathus of Cisco  Systems ,  June 2009
Cost Saving Using Cisco Unified Communications Trying to figure out how you can help the bottom line? How can IT fight  the perception of being a cost center and contribute to cost savings and  revenue generation? This is a presentation to introduce you to Cisco  Unified Communications and explain how it can be leveraged for cost  savings and productivity gains. Technologies such as desktop video, IM  and TelePresence will be covered.

Robert Yee of Cisco Systems,  May 2009
LAN Switching 101 - Ever wonder how Spanning Tree works?  What VTP is? What about the difference between a Trunk and an  Etherchannel? We will be having an INTRODUCTORY level discussion on  switching technology covering all of these and many more LAN  technologies. We will cover common terms and definitions, core and  fundamental building blocks, design principals and best practices and if  time permits, some of the newer developments and enhancements to LAN  Switching. As always, a healthy Q&A component is highly beneficial  to all, so please bring your questions!

Jason Bomar Of LA Networks , April 2009
MPLS WAN  services have become the de facto standard for  deploying any sizable WAN these  days. There remains a lot of mystery  around how to design it, what to ask the  vendors who are providing the  services and what are some of the key issues and  skills needed to  navigate such a project. Join us as we go through a NEW  presentation on  buying and deploying MPLS WAN services for your company – based  on  countless real-world installs and projects!

Robert Yee of Cisco Systems, February 2009
Practical BGP for Internet Redundancy –  Robert will discuss the considerations in designing and implementing a  BGP solution for internet redundancy and practical implementation  strategies and lessons learned for using BGP.

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