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Archive of Past Meetings 2011


Jason Bomar of LA Networks, December 2011 - IP Routing 101:  How  is a routing table built? How are the most common protocols  configured? What  are they common best practices? How do you  troubleshoot a routing issues - how  do you even know if you have a  routing issue? We will go over basic IP routing  concepts like RIB, FIB,  prefixes addresses, etc. We will also cover basic  configurations for  common protocols like EIGRP and BGP. Questions are highly  desired in  this interactive talk!

Humphrey Cheung of Router Gods Meetup Group, November 2011 - Studying  for your CCNA/CCNP/CCIE doesn't necessarily require racks of   gear, a  huge electric bill and frowns from your significant other.    Freely  available router emulators like Dynamips and GNS3 can "run"   dozens of  routers and switches on modern computers.  In this meeting, we   will  discuss the benefits and drawbacks of various router/switch    virtualization platforms.  A live demo of the programs will be shown and    compared side-by-side to real Cisco gear.

Robert Yee of Cisco Systems, October 2011 - After  all these years of talking about IPv6, is it finally time to start the  transition? Earlier this year, The last of the IPv4 blocks were  allocated by IANA. How does this event affect you and your business?  Show up to SCCUG on October 13th and find out what is in store for you.  Robert will discuss what is currently driving the push for IPv6 and how  this can affect you. Also on the agenda is a discussion of transition  strategies.

Steven Levendusky of Cisco Systems,  September 2011 - IP  Mobility is ever more important in today’s fast paced world. Most  people carry 2 or 3 devices – and they want to be connected. How do you  provide constant, consistent and secure access to the exponentially  growing population? Come join us as we discuss and demonstrate the  latest features of Cisco’s 802.1N wireless solution – including  mitigation of wireless interference, provided protected wireless  bandwidth to accommodate video, and improving wireless connectivity for  legacy wireless clients.

Scott Meyer of Cisco Systems,  July 2011 - UC  and UCS Solutions.  Virtualization of applications has been a critical  part of customers IT and Data Center strategy for management and  reducing costs. With Cisco’s launch of their own server platform,  Unified Computing System (UCS), Cisco has also virtualized its Unified  Communications (UC) portfolio. We will discuss the solution offering,  roadmap and best practices around the UC on UCS solution as well as the  benefits.

Narbik Kocharians a triple CCIE engineer and instructor, June 2011 - Route Filtering in OSPF and Eigrp at a CCIE level.

Robert Yee of Cisco Systems, May 2011 - Basics of PKI Infrastructure - ASA Updates 8.2, 8.3 and 8.4

Alex Wehmeier of Basics of PKI Infrastructure, April 2011 - This is a no nonsense entry  level discussion of what PKI is, how it  basically works, what some of the  better designs are and why, what the  shortcomings are, etc. There will be very  little math, and we will go  much deeper into how it works and why it works,  along with some common  design criteria for PKI infrastructure.

Jason Bomar of LA Networks, March 2011 - We will be covering QoS technology in-depth, from both a LAN and WAN  perspective. Emphasis will be on recent changes, challenges and actual  deployment scenarios. We will do our best to cover the following: Diff  Serv Model, LAN considerations, WAN Considerations, Marking, Queuing,  Policing, WREDH, and QoS.

Robert Yee of Cisco Systems and Jason Bomar of LA Networks, February 2011 - (AKA CCO or Cisco Connection Online) may be the most  powerful tool you have to help you throughout your networking career.  There are many great tools that you may know and use, but there are  probably many more at your disposal that you may not know about. Please  join Robert Yee and Jason Bomar as they navigate through the CCO as they  point out some of the best tools. Do you also have favorite you would  like to share? Let’s make this interactive and bring your laptops!

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