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Archive of Past Meetings 2013


February 2014 - Cisco IOS - All the Small Things

We will talk about little things that can add up to making big differences in your network. Items like loopback interfaces, routing protocol best practices, redundancy best practices, ACL's and so forth. Please join us for an evening of discussion and please bring some of YOUR best tips, tricks and traps that you can share with the group if you have any!

January 2014 - Catalyst 3850 and Converged Access

For January, we will be covering the Catalyst 3850 Switch as well as  discussin what Unified Access is and how it can be deployed in you  environment.

The  Catalyst 3850 switch was released last year and included some  significant changes and upgrades to previous generations of stackable  switches like 3750-X. Biggest among the changes is that the 3850 now  included Wireless LAN Controller functionality built into the OS.

Join  us in January to disucss some of the finer point of the new 3850 as  well as how to integrate it into your network. Our agenda will include:

• Catalyst 3850 Hardware/Feature Overview

• Evolving Technology Requirements

• Introduction to Unified Access

• Technical Overview to Unified Access

• Unified Access Product Sets and Roadmap

We will finish up the presentation with a configuration demo on live hardware.

November 2013 Wild Packets

When  you have to be certain that you are not missing anything, you need to  get to the heart of the matter, that’s what we call the “packets”. If  it’s an application issue or a security attack, or just understanding  the nature of your traffic and connections, nothing is as precise as  having recorded the packets and rewinding to see the activity! With the  right equipment and understanding, collecting packets can be made easy  in wireless, wired or virtual environments. Visibility at a high level  may provide an interesting view, but if you really want to be effective,  you need a way to zoom all the way down to ground zero.

WildPackets  has learned how to tame those elusive packets that always seem to hide  behind mountains of data, providing a simple forensic path to  understanding your traffic and your environment.


Packets Don’t Lie

Is it the Network or the Application? Working in Virtual environments including the Nexus 1000V Working in Wireless environments doing multiple channel captures and leveraging a Cisco wireless controller The Value of Distributed and Forensic Analysis

October 2013 - Robert Yee - Software Defined Networking (SDN): Network Cure-All or Network Snake-Oil?

Over  the last few years, the idea of Software Defined Networks have garnered  a lot interest. However, for most of us, the term "SDN" remains  relatively esoteric and if you ask a roomful of engineers what is SDN,  you are likely to get a roomful of different answers.

During  this presentation, we will breakdown and define where SDN comes from  and what is it is. We will also take a broad look at the industry and  then focus on what Cisco's SDN strategy for the network is.

August 2013 - Jason Bomar - Evaluating MPLS Services for the WAN

July 2013 - Jason Bomar - Midsize DC Design

We have covered a number of deep dive data center technologies in the resent sessions. This session will strive to tie these technologies together for the midsize DC. We will overview on technologies like VPC, Fabric Path, ISSU, FEX etc, and we will tie it back to designing for growth and scalability. This will be an interactive session – so please look at YOUR DC and come with questions specific to YOUR environment so you can take away some real world advice!

May 2013 - Rober Yee - Campus Access Layer Design – Picking the Right Technology and Architecture for Your Network

How  many years has it been since your last access layer switch refresh? If  it has been more than a few years, then it's probably time to take a  closer look at what things have stayed the same, but more importantly  what other things have changed. Drivers like the need to moe PoE,  wireless mobility, BYOD all play a factor in deciding what your next  generation of access layer will look like.

May's SCCUG session will cover:

- Understanding business trends and new requirements for your switch upgrade

- Translating business requirements to technical requirements

- Overview of Cisco's access converged access (wired and wireless) portfolio and roadmap

- Design considerations for campus access switching

April 2013 - Robert Yee: Cisco FabricPath: Moving Beyond Spanning Tree in the Data Center

In  the last 5 years, requirements for the network have evolved very  quickly. Virtualization, low latency, Data center interconnect are just  some of the pressures being put in the data center's network.

New  architectures and new features like FabricPath have been created to  help meet these new requirements. In April's meeting, we will focus on  Cisco's FabricPath and how is can take the place of Spanning Tree in  your data center. We will look at:

- What is FabricPath?

- How did is Evolve?

- What platforms run FabricPath

- How to configure

March 2013 - Andy Bow, Cisco CSE - Cisco's Unified  Computing System (UCS) has not been on the market for  3 years and in  that short time, UCS has taken the spot as the #2 blade server vendor.  During  March's SCCUG, we will discuss the changes on the Data Center  that have  given Cisco the opportunity to be a real contender in a  crowded server  market (and why).

JANUARY 2013 - Matt Campisi - Cisco PSS  - Jabber

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