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How to retrieve a host password


I'm using the XML API request binding.User.GetUser but i receive the password in the getuserresponse as an asterisks, so is there any way to retrieve the host's password in order to create events under this host.

Another Question : Using the admin account can i create Events under different host

Please Advise

Cisco Employee


     It is not possible to retrieve another host's password. Site admin can generate a new password using SetUser. It is also possible to schedule on behalf of another host with proper scheduling permissions setup.

Thank you for your fast response, What I need to do is to create Events under different hosts and i have the WebExhostId of them and admin account but i couldn't use the admin account create Events with different host Id and I don't want to change their passwords

What permissions should I give to admin account in order to create Event under another host because I receive "You can't create Event under this host", I'm using the XML API and I'm using the admin credentials in the Header of my request "event.CreateEvent" but when I use different "hostWebExId" in the bodyContent it fails


     You will need to call SetUser for the hosts that you wish to schedule meetings for and add the site admin user to the <schedulingPermission> attribute. Alternately, scheduling permissions can be added manually by logging in as the host user and adding the admin user to the My Profile option that allows other hosts to schedule on your behalf.

It seems we are missing the "Scheduling Permissions" option from the "Session Options" section on the Host's "My Profile" page.  We've made sure the "Users can let other users schedule meetings on their behalf" is checked in Site Settings under Admin login.  Any reason why we are not seeing this?


     That is where the option is supposed to be and the setting that should be enabled to show it. I would recommend contacting technical support about the missing feature and/or requesting a demonstration from your account manager.

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