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LstRecording does not show MP4 recordings created by CMR Hybrid (WebEx Enabled TelePresence) or CMR in the Cloud (WebEx CMR)

Level 6
Level 6


The WebEx XML API command "LstRecording" does not show a list of recorded CMR meetings (neither "Hybrid" (formerly WebEx Enabled TelePresence) nor "Cloud" CMR meetings, both in the MP4 format).

I have tested my API call against an account that has several recordings in both formats (ARF and MP4), and the API return data included only the ARF meetings.  I then tested against an account that has solely MP4 recordings, and the API return data had a header of "FAILURE" with a message of "no record found"

Please advise.


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Level 6
Level 6

For reference, here is the XML I was using initially that returned only ARFs:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<serv:message xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:serv="">









<bodyContent xsi:type="java:com.webex.service.binding.ep.LstRecording">










After some advice from another channel, I added these keys to the bodyContent:




This did return the MP4 recordings, however, there are still some lingering questions/issues:

#1: Why is this necessary to discover these specific recordings?  The initial query I put in the comments works for other WebEx sites and discovers ARF recordings.  This appears, at least to me, to be a flaw in the WebEx XML API.

#2: The API return data says these MP4 recordings are of the format "ARF" even though I know they are in fact MP4.  Seems to be another flaw.

#3: Lastly, the reported file sizes in the WebEx site and retrieved via API don't match up to the actual downloaded file size.  In one instance, the download was ~50% bigger, in the other the download was ~50% smaller.  I only have a small sample size to work with, but it is an apparent bug.


Just read your (older) message...

Maybe these issues have been fixed in the mean time, but my first test returned the correct information.

XML response






Depending on the recording the format says 'ARF' or 'MP4'.

The ep:recording XML messages also include the stream and download URL's.

File-size test: of the 8 downloaded NBR recordings the file-size (reported and actual) where exactly the same.