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WebEx APIs for Meeting Center - integration in a cust web portal

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Hi Team,

I have some customers who are looking to use WebEx Meeting Center into their Web portal. The idea should be to give the possibility for a end customer (from a PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone) to initiate a WebEx session directly from the cust portal. He just needs to click on a button for that. Then, the WebEx session is up and running and a co-browsing session can start.

My question is: do we have appropriate APIs for WebEx Meeting Center to do that?

Thank you,


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

I've moved this post to the WebEx Developer space.

Thank you Adrienne.

Dear Developer Team,

Do you have guidance for me?

Thanks much,


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


     WebEx APIs can achieve the desired function, as it provides scheduling, starting, and joining capabilities, as well as host management, invitation, registration, and usage report retrieval. You can find reference material for the XML API service at You can also access the API trial program on the same site, so you can build a proof of concept before committing to the developer program.

The link provided is focused on - we use Meeting Server, on premise, with the newly installed 2.5 update (which is supposed to contain APIs).

Are XML APIs included in Meeting Server 2.5?  Is is only http APIs?  Are there good, working examples?

Can't seem to find answers to any of these questions.

Thank you,


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