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Cloud Unfiltered, Episode 60: The OpenStack Edge Computing Group

Cisco Employee

Is it just me, or have we been talking about Edge computing forever?


OK, maybe not forever, but certainly on and off for the past ten years. Maybe longer than that.


Regardless, I’d say that right now it’s safe to say we are back in the “ON” phase when it comes to Edge discussions. Only now what everyone is trying to figure out is how best to do cloud computing at the edge.


In last week’s Cloud Unfiltered episode we talked about what the Edge really is and how the StarlingX project is working to address the needs of companies that are in need of real, scalable cloud-at-the-edge solutions. We discussed very specific hypothetical use cases and debated what Edge means in relation to IoT.


This week we pull back a bit and talk with the technical leader of a group that is working to coordinate Edge computing efforts across projects and across open source groups. Her name is Ildiko Vancsa, she is the ecosystem technical lead of the OpenStack Edge Computing Group. In this week’s talk with her we discuss:


  • What an ecosystem lead does for an organization like the OpenStack Foundation
  • Why Edge has become interesting to the Foundation of late
  • How the group defines Edge
  • What some of the different Edge groups are working on and how the OpenStack group ties in to it
  • Her favorite keynote from the recent OpenStack Summit in Berlin

Catch this episode on iTunes, SoundCloud, or YouTube. If you like it, we've got more at:

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