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DNA Center pnp onboarding API question


I try to test pnp-onboarding function in DNA center using api, but confused with some terminology.

As the DNA center always on sandbox is using api version 1.3.1, I think the on-boarding template should be associated with network profile and apply the network profile to certain site.

When onboard the device, we should provide device_id, site_id, template_id to the api call. But it did not work.


I found the code written by Adam from githut, it looks like we need to provide workflow_id as well.

I think the workflow concept is replaced by network profile, correct me if I was wrong.

I cannot find any api that has network profile key word, but only workflow.

Are they the same?

Also, in Adam's code, he wrote  response = get(dnac,"siteprofile/site/{}".format(siteId))

I cannot find siteprofile either in api version 1.2.8 and 1.3.1

Anyone can show me what are the right parameters I should use to make it work?

Thank you in advance.

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