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Webex Adoption Toolkits


Driving collaboration adoption just got easier

How to create your Webex adoption plan

From adoption planning, to post deployment and success sharing, our user-friendly content makes driving collaboration a breeze.

Webex Adoption Toolkits

With everything you need like training tips, use cases and best practices for deployment and managing change, our toolkits make adoption even easier.


Need to make it your own?
Access fully editable source files for all documents, so you can personalize and tweak the assets to suit your needs.

We’ve also provided matching workflow-based promotional assets like videos and infographics to showcase the value Webex Meetings and Webex Teams can bring to their specific job role.
See them live at our line of business webpages.

To stay in the loop about new adoption materials and to join the conversation, join the Webex Adoption Materials Ask Me Anything- Webex Teams space.  

Looking for localized content? We're working on offering adoption materials in all the languages you need most. Here are the current pieces translated:

Cisco Employee

Hi, is there any material on Webex Board for Adoption?

Cisco Employee

Hi @ldelao! Check out the Webex Board adoption toolkit here, and see what you think!


Would you be able to create a role/scenario within the adoption tool kit for educators and administrators for K12 and Higher Education?  Thanks!  


Hello Suzanne, 

Thanks a lot for those documents!

Are the editable source files available for partner? I am not able to access the shared Box.




Cisco Employee

@mike_keller Thank you for the request! I completely agree- we really need some awesome adoption materials designed for education. Luckily, my team is getting to work on this! I'll make sure to keep you posted as we make progress.

For updates on the latest content as it comes, be sure to join this webex teams space :)

Cisco Employee

@hugo.leguern1 Absolutely! We are thrilled to have partners download and edit any of the source files as needed. Any external person should be able to download the editbale source files here: . Let me know if you have issues!

Cisco Employee

Is there a link that list out all of the available public ebooks?

Cisco Employee

Just a quick heads up, the share link on will expire tomorrow. 


Hello @Suzanne Phillips,

It's seems that Editable Source Files have been removed from

Is there any other chance to get them?