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Application Dial Rules, Jabber for Windows


I am a bit of a noob when it comes to Communications Manager and CUPS. So please be gentle

We are evaluating Jabber for Everyone. I have most of the basic configuration done and I am working on the CTI portion of the deployment now. I have read that Jabber for Windows uses Application Dial Rules downloaded from CUCM TFTP to define how it will dial numbers when called from a contact profile or typed in the search bar of Jabber. I have set some basic dial rules to prefix a 9 and remove + signs and dial the international dial-out (011 in the US). I have a basic understanding of how this works.

If we were just a U.S. based company, I think this would be fairly easy. However, our CUCM hosts phones in the U.K., France, and Switzerland in addition to the U.S. Obviously the same dial rules for the US will not work in these countries. For example, if our directory has a phone number for someone in the U.K. as (+44 0 123 456 7890), I can use the dial rules to change the dialed number to (9 011 44 123 456 7890). However, these same rules would not work for someone using Jabber in the U.K. In the U.K. I would want the number dialed as (9 0 123 456 7890).

So the question is... How do I create different Application Dial Rules for different regions? Can I manually copy and edit the appdialrules.xml and apply it to Windows computers somehow? If so, how do I prevent those changes from being modified when Jabber opens and downloads the appdialrules.xml from TFTP?

Thanks in advanced for any help.

Systems Specs:

Client PC: Windows 7 64 bit

Client App: Jabber for Windows 9.1

CUCM: 8.6(2)

CUPS: 8.6(4)

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It looks like we need to configure some Translation Patterns to be able to accomplish this. Essentially the translation pattern will take the number, dialed from Jabber and determine what to do with it based on the Parition of the line being used to make the call. We have some clean-up of our partitions to do before we can move ahread with this...

If anyone has experience doing this and can provide feedback\best practices, it would be appricated.

Hello Ron,

That is exactly what I ended up doing.  I had to remove all my ADRs and create Translation Patterns for each individual country, in order to accommodate for the different dial schemes.

If anybody has a better approach, please let us know.




Check out this document for modifying dial rules for Jabber.  I know its for Jabber for iPad but it does discuss what I think you are needing.  In the device configuration you should be able to tie the various dial rules to particular devices.

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