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Arranging video panels

We are starting to use videos in our Webex meetings.  However, we find that the videos are occupying too much real estate on our screen with the default layout.  That raises two questions:

1. can we change the size of the top video feed?  This is the one that is either set to the active speaker or locked to a particular user

2. Can we arrange the participant window so that when we choose to see videos instead of a list of users, we see just a single column instead of two columns?


Cisco Employee

Hello Keith,

the WX client is designed for the whole collaboration experience and the user does have the option to disable some functionality based on their needs. Since you are not providing the WebEx version and Center release information along with the OS info, I will guess Mac OS and FF browser, however the functionality works in similar effect on PC. Please review the attached pictures for better details and here are the answers for you:

1. Yes, user can resize the video/participant panel and list view, however there is a minimal and maximum resize requirement to preserve the positive user experience.  Another option is to disable the view completely to gain more real estate for your presentation viewing, or simply go full screen with floating window on the top.

2. No, the minimum panel size under the video pod is designed with two thumbnails next to each other to be in view and an up/down scroll option in case there are more participants in the meeting.

I hope you will find this info helpful.


They weren't the answers I was hoping for, but it was very helpful and timely to know that I wouldn't be able to do what I wanted.

The current function works well if your goal is to have a video conference.  But if we're just wanting to make a presentation style meeting more personal.  So, we would like all video feeds to occupy only a small amount of real estate to the side of the PowerPoint presentation.  The current setup does not accommodate that objective very well...

Anyway, you saved me from wasting more time trying to find a way to do that which can't be done...



have you tried the full screen presentation mode with the floating video? You can resize the active speaker window as well in this mode.


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