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Ask the Expert: Preparing Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.x to Support Cisco Jabber for Android/­­iPhone

Read the bioWith Rajamani Nallakaruppan

Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. Learn from Cisco expert Rajamani Nallakaruppan on how to prepare Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.x to Support Cisco Jabber for Android/­­iPhone.

Cisco Jabber for Android/iPhone delivers enterprise telephony calling features and corporate directory lookup directly from Android/iPhone devices. Cisco Jabber is client software for your smartphone that runs in the background, so you can simultaneously access other applications on your Android/iPhone device. You can place and receive business calls through your Cisco IP telephony system whether using your corporate Wi-Fi network, other Wi-Fi networks, or a mobile data network in order to avoid costly cellular minutes and international toll charges.

Rajamani Nallakaruppan is a support engineer in the Cisco Technical Assistance Center in India. He is an expert on Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Unified Communication Applications, Voice Gateways, and Cisco TelePresence. He holds a bachelor of engineering degree in electronics and communication and also holds CCNA, CCNA Voice, CCVP, and MCP certification.

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It looks as though our UCM isnt set up to use LDAP currently. Do you need an additional LDAP server or can the UCM do this itself? I am trying to set up corporate directory on jabber.

Will I need to Enable Synchronizing from LADP Server on  UCM and initilize LDAP Authentication for End Users?

Is there any documentation for this as it pertains to jabber? Thanks again for your help

Hi James,

Yep, you would need Active Directory and LDAP setup for the CUCM.

Please refer the follwing section on how to configure the Directory Service Settings for the Jabber client



Ethan Haberman

Is this release going to be like Cisco Jabber for iPad and include Chat/Voice/Video in one client instead of having it in 2 separate clients?

Hi Ethan,

The Cisco Jabber for iPhone/Android has the features of Video/Voice is one client and Cisco Jabber IM for iPhone has the feature of Chat and is another client , so they are basically 2 clients.

The Cisco Jabber for iPad has all the features of Chat/Video/Voice and is just one client and this can be used only on the iPad.

We right now dont have a single client having all the features of Voice/Video/Chat for iPhone/Android




Is there anywhere a Roadmap for Jabber ? I can`t find anything about upcoming features and (important) WHEN will this be implemented. I think Jabber has big potential but if you compare, at the moment, Jabber with Lync, Jabber is learning baby.

Hi Jason,

Can you please let me know what feature are you looking for in Cisco Jabber. We have Cisco Jabber for various devices like the Windows/iPhone/Android/MAC/BlackBerry. The release notes of every product will talk about the features included in them.



Hi Rajamani,

i mean simply all features which are  planned and when they are implemented.

For example:

- desktop sharing without in softphone mode or first create a call

- desktop sharing take control feature

- (very important) local outlook contacts lookup at icoming calls

- set the location as status in jabber

- recording calls feature

- ringtones

- save chat history

- set filetransfer location

- .....

the list could be more longer.

I mean Cisco said that Jabber is a new milestone and of long term it replaces Lync..... i want to go with Jabber so Cisco -> Go Go Go :-)



Hi Jason,

Thanks for taking Cisco Jabber Windows to the next level. The development team is working very actively on to include more and more features in Cisco Jabber Windows so that it competes and takes down the other IM clients out in the market.

   Out of the features you had asked, the Desktop sharing is already there and is very perfectly fine and the Outlook Contacts mapping is also there. You can try the new release 9.0.4 which has got more features and more resolved caveats.



Hello Rajamani,

Suppose Android Phone with VPN Client & Jabber Client at some where  X Location. (Phone getting internet connection through 3G data network)

Android Phone is connecting with Head office through VPN client.  

I think Android user can Call within Head office IP Phones & also with Branch Office IP Phones through VPN. is that correct?

Can Android user can call to any Local/National or ISD (Call can be routed through Head office PSTN connectivity) call from any X location in INDIA and vice-versa? is that legal?



Hi Sandeep,

     Yep, as you mentioned, Jabber for Android can make calls over the VPN. So all we need is Jabber is to get registered to the CUCM and it become a Virtual IP Phone. So if IP Phones are able to make calls to International numbers from your network, then your Jabber Android should also be able to.

     To know if it is legal , you can check the TRAI regulations and you should be able to get an answer out of it.



Bruno Rangel

Hi Rajamani

Not sure if that is the correct place to clarify my question related with Jabber, but ....

Cisco Jabber collaboratte directly from Microsoft Outlook by viewing a contact's availability and simply clicking to IM or call and showing the "Presence Bubbles"

So, to this option be available I need to integrate CUCM or CUPS to my Microsoft Exchange?

Or this integration is already done when I sync my CUCM with my LDAP directory?

I have it deployed already and everything looks good and working, but I´m wondering to understand better the topology.

Thnx in advance

Bruno Rangel
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Hi Bruno,

     Thanks for your query. This forum concentrates more on Jabber for iPhone/Android. But i can still answer your query

     Yep, as you had mentioned, the Cisco Jabber is able to get the presence for the contacts in Outlook and this is from the integration of the LDAP in your CUCM and CUPS.

     You need not integrate the CUCM/CUPS to Exchange for this purpose. You can integrate your CUPS to Exchange server if you want to see the "In the Meeting" status on the Cisco Jabber client.

     Let me know if you have more queries though



Hey Sir! Thanks!!!!

Bruno Rangel
Please remember to rate helpful responses using the star bellow and identify helpful or correct answers

Hi, Rajamani

I have a question about CUPS/Jabber integration with MS exchange for the calendar presence information

Does the User ID in the exchange server must be the same in the CUCM/CUPS?

For example, I have a user Mike Price in exchange server, his e-mail address is Because the CUCM is not integraded with MS LDAP. Can I created a User ID in CUCM/CUPS? So his calendar status inforamtion can be pulled into CUPS and can be viewed by other jabber user?



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