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Ask the Expert- Webex Hybrid Services Solutions

This topic is a chance to discuss more about the concepts, best deployment practices and troubleshooting tips for Webex Hybrid services. Ask questions and discuss scenarios about the Webex Hybrid features, such as: Hybrid Media Service (Video Mesh), Hybrid Calendar, Hybrid Call Service, and Hybrid Data Security services.


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Ask questions from Monday 17h to Friday 28th of September, 2018


Featured experts

Aashish-1.pngAashish Dua is a Solutions Architect in form the collaboration Sales Team in India. He is a technology evangelist that enables customers to accelerate business and solve challenges via Cisco technology solutions. Aashish has rich experience for consulting, he has worked in all industry verticals and with different customers all around the globe. Before his current position, he was a TAC lead engineer for the Backbone team in India. Aashish holds a CCIE in collaboration and a SIP SSCA certification. He has particular interest in Cloud Technologies applications and Cloud Security. 


aditgup2.jpgAditya Gupta is a Systems Engineer in Global Sales team. He provides technical consultation to the Global customers for Cisco's broad range of products and technologies (e.g. R&S, Voice Video, etc. He specialises on Cisco Collaboration/Video Technologies. Aditya comes from Backbone TAC UC Team background where he worked on troubleshooting on the UC products, he also worked as consulting engineer for Cisco Cloud and Managed services, handling the key accounts for Cisco in collaboration domain. Aditya holds a Cisco CCIE in collaboration and a SIP SSCA certification.


Aashish and Aditya might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation on the Collaboration community. 

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We have just deployed the Hybrid Calendar O365 cloud connector service with our Webex Teams, but have noticed inconsistent calendar population (importing existing calendar meetings into Teams).  Not all calendar meetings are showing regardless of meeting tool used. I myself am not seeing all Webex Meetings and Teams invites as well as some other general calendar entries.. 

Are there any config settings required to ensure 100% calendar population within Webex Teams?

Many Thanks


Hi Martin,


If my understanding is correct, there are some meetings which are there in outlook but are not populated on the WebEx teams. Is this correct?


If yes, there are certain limitations which are associated with WebEx that can cause the meetings not to populate on WebEx teams. One such example can be, if there are no invitees in the meeting. I would suggest you to go through following article and see if there is any known match:



Else, i would suggest you to reach out to TAC.



Aditya Gupta



We are based in Perth, Australia with a remote office in Sri Lanka and employees whom work around the globe. Mainly those employees are in Sydney, Australia and USA. We notice that hybrid services is not optimised for Australia region, with all TCP signalling traffic going back to USA. Media is being set up in the Singapore DC so once the call is established there does not appear to be any issues. The problem we find is when answering calls, there is a long delay before the call is connected, sometimes up to 7 seconds delay which is a very long time in real-time speak. This really impacts us when a PSTN call comes in and an end-user attempts to answer the call on their Webex Teams application. It causes lots of confusion and a poor experience for the customer and end-user. 


When will you optimise hybrid services (and teams) for the larger geographical locations such as Australia to improve quality and user experience? 

Hello Tony,


Thanks for reaching out.

Cisco is definitely expanding in major regions in the world, you must have noticed that we launched Cisco Webex Edge in pursuit of our innovation, details,


As you mentioned, the delay is significant and i would suggest you to engage your Accounts team / customer success manager and TAC, they will help steer this in right direction and will accelerate solve this issue for your users.


Thank you,

Aashish Dua


Thank you for your response but I was hoping for something a little more informative rather than pushing another product. Since you havent mentioned any approximate dates or details of how this design issue will be resolved in the future, I can only assume that it is not on the roadmap and has not been considered.
This has caused us significant issues since May 2017. SR number is 685210203. 



Hello Tony,


I understand your concern here, this forum and platform does not allow me to share detailed information on roadmap and upcoming features.

we can have a chat 1:1 and if you can share the details, i can engage your accounts team to discuss further on this. happy to help here.



Aashish Dua

"this forum and platform does not allow me to share detailed information" - Understood. Would be delighted to follow up on this outside of the forum. 


Kind regards,

The latest on this is that they had identified an issue and are working on a fix. 


We are utilising Google Apps for our business. We have integrated Google Calendar with our teams users. We find that @Spark and @webex meeting invites work great but the calendar integration with Teams applications is very flaky and in short- broken. The Teams apps on laptops (Windows and Mac) do not show the meetings correctly. Even right now, a meeting which was moved to a new time last week is still showing in Teams Windows app. as duplicated (contains both the new meeting time and the old meeting time as 2 separate entries), whereas the google calendar only shows the one. 

Going to a mobile device like iOS or Android and there are no calendar entries at all. 


When do you aim to update and resolve these integration issues? They have been there since the release of the integration.

Hi  Tonypearce1


Do you see this issue happening for all the users and all the meetings whenever the date/time is changed? We have outlook with calendar integration and i have not seen this problem.

"We have outlook with calendar integration and i have not seen this problem."


I am assuming you mean Exchange or Office 365? I dont see the validity of the point in which you are making regarding the fact that, you're not seeing this problem with a different integration. Could you elaborate some more to help me better understand the point? May be I am misunderstanding. 


Yes, we do indeed see it will all users. Changing the time of meetings is one issue we have with the Hybrid Google Calendar sync. 

Hi Tony,


Yea, i was not clear in my previous response.


I have Hybrid calendar service with google calendar integration in my lab working successfully.

I can successfully modify the meetings in google calendar and my WebEx Teams calendar would only reflect modified meetings and not duplicate.


This does not seems like a known issue. Did you open TAC to get this issue checked?



Aditya Gupta

Interesting. I have raised this on a number of occasions back when support was managed through Webex (ie not TAC). The response from the SME was that there were a number of known issues with the Google Calendar integration. I would post the exact message from the SME here but I've just found that Teams search function is not working properly again and not finding all of the messages. So as you can see, problem after problem and we have proved time and again that it's cloud-related (or our webex account related) or app-related and not as we frequently hear from support "it's your internet connection".


I've raised this google calendar issue again yesterday, through TAC. TAC cases are easier to monitor so I'll try and get this one resolved once again. 


As you confirmed that you dont have these issues, is it possible for you to engage an expert to check into our account? There is no one managing our account from that perspective and I think there must be something seriously wrong with the cloud-side implementation to have this many ongoing issues. Raising each issue individually has not really been worth beneficial. There were 2 weeks of good service back in May 2017 and this is all. 

Again with this one (SR 685264318) they believe they have a fix and will be applying it once the services are back to normal to test. I am surprised that you were unaware of this, being the expert. Hopefully the fix works this time around. 

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