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Read the bioWith Maqsood Mushtaq

Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn about Jabber Clients with Cisco expert Maqsood Mushtaq.

Maqsood Mushtaq is a software engineer at Cisco in the Clients and Mobility Business Unit in Galway. Currently he provides support/bug fixes for Cisco Unified Personal Communicator (UPC) 8.x and Cisco UC Integration for Microsoft Office Communicator/Lync as well as Cisco Jabber for Windows. This includes setup, configuration, tracking customer feedback, and maintenance releases. He has over three and half years of experience in working with Cisco Unified Communications applications, including work as a developer on Visual Voicemail for Cisco IP Phones, Cisco Phone Designer, and Cisco UPC 8.x. He has also worked with Java MIDlets, C#, .NET, Windows Presentation Foundation, and InstallShield.

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Maqsood might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation on the Collaboration, Voice and Video sub-community   discussion forum shortly after the event. This event lasts through June 15, 2012. Visit this forum often to view responses to your questions and the questions of other community members.


pls am really havin some kind of issues switchng from the tms agent legacy mode to the tms provision extension mode? its tellin me to : base group ID for the default connection configuration service s not the correct format? pls anyone who can help me out Sent from Cisco Technical Support iPhone App


I am not sure sure what is the query here? This form is for "Jabber for Windows" related questions.



Hi Maqsood,

I have already posted the same question in sub-community jabber clients.
My post was :

Please  advise if it's possible to get presence status  for ip phone 79xx or  99xx from Jabber client through SIP Trunk between CUCM 8.5 and CUP 8.5 ?

the Watcher is : Jabber Client

Presence Entity : Cisco Ip Phone 79xx / 99xx

Please, let me know if it's possible or not.


Yes, phone presence is supported for these modals in Jabber for Windows. If you are having problem with this, please review following post:

Jabber for Windows - Troubleshooting Phone Presence



Cisco Kbsl


I have deployed cisco jabber for windows Version 9.0.1 Build 8802 on my work premises. The staff has there own personal address books on theire desk phones and they want to sync them with cisco jabber. Is it possible ?

If there is any way to do it please let me know.



There is no option available to access the address book on phone. Only source for Jabber is AD, CUCM or Outlook contacts (9.1 and above).





Is it still not possible to use Jabber on a Galaxy S2 with Android 4 installed?



Jabber - Cannot add contacts

When attempting to add a contact in Jabber, a message states 'The system is unable to add contacts at this time.

Were running 9.1.0 and have uninstalled and reinstalled Jabber, I have about 10 contacts at this stage but can't add anymore, i'm also trying to add people from within my own company.

Are the contacts that you are trying to add CUP enable in call manager?


Hi there Maqsood,

We are in the process of customizing our Jabber for Windows installation, we have the jabber XML file configured, however we would like to know if there is a way to reference the SAMACCOUNTNAME outside of the Photo section?

We are building an extensible tab extension for Photo uploads and would like to access the logged in username so we can work out which photo to change?

Is that variable exposed at all or can we access the photo url within the XML config file, but outside of the Photo URI substitution section?

I hope that made sense!



Hi Matt,

You can access the logged in user id via "${UserID} token". This is documented under Custom Embedded Tabs section in admin guide.

Note: In On-Prem (CUP) deployment sAMAccountName is the default value for login. However if directory is integrated with CUCM, it can be mail, employeeNumber, telephoneNumber or userPrincipalName depending on what attribute is used as User ID.



Joe Vallender

We have HP Elitebook 8460p laptop's with 'Standard VGA Graphics card' as reported by Device Manager.  Cisco Jabber for Telepresence 4.4 fails to load with the 'incompatible' graphics driver error. How is this remedied?  I couldn't easily find a tool that would tell me if this is truely a generic VGA graphics card or some vendors card without the proper drivers loaded.  Is there an OpenGL version for these 'Standard VGA Graphics cards' that Jabber can use?


Hi Maqsood,

I am trying to get an IPAD3 ready for Jabber Video on my CUCM 8.6.

I already installed the cop file and configured a Device called TAB171 with the extension 171 and the User 171

So far, I am running into the problem that when I am about to start the APP on the IPAD it asks me for a valid E-Mail Address and wants me to register with Cisco/Jabber. The only thing I want to use is Video with my Phones and the IPAD...

When I`m putting any kind of E-Mail adress in and then proceed, I can choose from Telepresence, CUCM and so on.

Choosing CUCM then only leeds me to a stuck of the program. Am I using the wrong APP or what is my problem?

In the guide it says.... "Instructions to select Select Account > Unified Communications Manager after users start the application on their iPad devices"

But as I said - the first thing this APP wants from me is an e-mail address...

Hope you can support me with this!



HI, I am looking to implement Jabber for Everyone on-premise and was wondering if it will support a broadcast message to an AD group. We have a call center and have a current AD group setup that we can currently send messages to from a single  Microsoft Office Communicator user and would like to do the same thing with Jabber for Everyone. Is that possible. We are currently running CUCM 8.6.


Hi Maqsood,

Is there a place on CUPS or the Jabber for windows client to change how much chat/message history is stored on the local PC?



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