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Jabber for iPhone won't delete certain voicemails

Has anyone ever run into an issue where certain voicemails won't delete from the iPhone mobile app but others will. Connection to Unity is fine as you can listen to voicemail and delete others, but in this case there are 2 that just won't delete. Any...

Jabber popup Notifications stay on screen until dismissed OR user types in reply area

In 2016 I had a request outstanding so that popup notifications would not always fade after a few seconds, but would stay visible until dismissed or a reply was typed. The current version has the feature allowing the notifications to stay on screen u...

msui772 by Beginner
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Resolved! Jabber notifications are still coming through when Do Not Disturb is on

At the moment, Jabber notifications are still coming through when Do Not Disturb is on. Some of our staff would like them to not show up when their status is in this setting.  We're running Jabber and CUCM, and while I see th...

ChrisB-IP by Beginner
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Cisco Unity

Dear Cisco Unity Lovers ,## I have two questions regarding Cisco Voice MailIs it possible to play our voice mail Busy/Open/Closed Message in the langauge according to the Langaue of the Calling Number. For exampleIf I am Calling from Germany , the th...

Resolved! Limit chat history to 30 days

I have a customer that wants to limit the number of days that Jabber clients can keep chats to 30 days. Currently the customer's clients save chat history locally.   I've looked through the parameter guide for Jabber 12.7 but can't seem to find anyth...

TXG by Contributor
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