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Hey,   Hoping someone has either had this issue and knows a fix or can replicate it.  When a CMS call is removed from a SfB meeting the focus channel remains and we have to manually disconnect it from CMS.   Here is the call scenario, Skype user star...

Im implementing auto attendant through unity connection 12 at a customer ,  does the voice recordings uploads for the unity connection greeting need to have certain requirements ? or any WAV file can work as a greeting and can be uploaded into unity?...

baselzind by Frequent Contributor
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Hi All   Please refer to the attachment. Some phones in the call manager showing the Presense and some are not.   on the image the shot was taken in 8841 phone and 20124 is 8845 Model.   40307, 20131 and 89006 are 7941, 7942 and 7962 in order.   SUBS...