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Bekzod Fakhriddinov

Caller number Iphone jabber MRA

Hi , we have users with jabber on the iphone having problem to dial out. With the same settings on the csf desk pc jabber can dial out . On the trace I see iphone jabber sending  and receive unallocated number,  while desk jabber sents and connects. DN under jabber profiles has external phone number mask with correct number to send.  Where also I can  change name to number in caller id? CUCM 11.5, jabber 12.x


Thank you

Nithin Eluvathingal
VIP Mentor

you mean the iphone user is unable to make outside call and the desktop jabber User can make out going call with same settings

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yes, and I think its because of iphone jabber is sending name instead of number in the URI . Where is this can be changed? WHere is jabber pulling caller id name is it from AD directly or from End User config in CUCM (is it user id or Directory URI)?

From what you have described as the issue, jabber ios client is using URI dialling based on the user's mail address. The DirectoryUri attribute, when mapped to mail, will be used for uri dialling. Do you have a jabber-config.xml file uploaded to the cucm tftp server? Just run this https query in chrome browser and see what you get. https://<cucm tftp ip>:6972/jabber-config.xml or http://<cucm tftp ip:6970/jabber-config.xml.


Jabber clients will send a request to the directory server for DirectoryUri attribute. Depending on what it's mapped to (mail or msRTCSIP), the directory server will return that to the client. However, client will use the URI dialling only if EnableSIPURIDialling attribute is set to 'true'. Well, this default value of this attribute is 'true'. So looks like only the Jabber iPhone client has EnableSIPURIDialling enabled and disabled for CSF clients.



yes, xml file set for that attribute true. WHat is the fix ? Is it possible to fix this only for this user , i mean not changing system parameters?

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