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Can’t add or delete custom contact on Cisco Jabber v11.5


Bug: CSCuv61178 Says that the issue is fixed on Versions 11.0(0), 11.0(1) & 11.5(0) as on Jan 4, 2016. However, we are unable to either add/delete custom contact on version 11.5.1 and 11.5.2.

Can someone from Cisco help understand the reason or if there is a permanent fix for this.



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Hi I have same problem for some of contacts.

Some of contacts can not be added  to lists. I tried 11.1 11.5 and same result. 

Also main problem is, if these "problem contacts" were added to list before, then it pops up error message periodically to the jabber client...

temporary workaround solution is, deleting LDAP contact from CUCM and resynchronize it with LDAP.

But  applying this temporary solution fixed it for a while . But  today same problem for same contacts. It affects  to whole clients who added these problematic contacts.

Paul Freiberg
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could you fix it with 11.5.3 or 11.6.0 ?

Hi Paul,

The solution is increasing the watcher limit per users. After increasing the watcher limit on Presence server it's fixed. Its not related with the Jabber client.

Our watcher limit was 200 per user . So if a user is the 201st user who are adding that contact,  he was getting this error.

That is really nice to know, but sorry, I can not add/delete custom contacts (self created contacts, no UCM User contacts).

Yes, the issue we are reporting is related to add/delete custom contacts on jabber clients and not UCM user contacts...

Not sure if someone from Cisco could give us an update on this. I am currently using 11.6.0 build 35037.

11.6.0 fixed the issue.