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Cisco ASA + Jabber on IPhone


I have Cisco ASA 5510. I have trial license of Secure Connect. The firewall is connected to Internet & also to the LAN.

I want to know how to configure my ASA for this so that I can use my Iphone with Jabber to integrate with CUCM.

What i need to confgiure in ASA & what i need to configure in Iphone.

Also i dont have certificate at this moment. How can i test this with some test certificate.


any one please help me regarding the above

Are you experiencing one way audio when using Cisco Jabber with AnyConnect VPN?  If so, please see this thread .

Hello Vincent,

For Cisco Jabber on hand held devices (IPhone/Android)  apart from Wireless and SSL VPN (to register itself to the CUCM/CME  from outside the enterprise Network), Is it possible to do a SIP trunk  from these hand held devices to the CUCM/CME over the Internet ?

Thank you in advance,

Good day !

Mohammed Ameen

Hi Mohammed,

Cisco Jabber for Android supports AnyConnect SSL VPN and Secure Connect (built in applcation specific) SSL VPN into the enterprise network.  Cisco Jabber for Android does not yet support CME.  If you're using the native Android VPN client, that may also work, but Cisco will not provide support for any other VPN client besides AnyConnect and Secure Connect.

Cisco Jabber for iPhone supports AnyConnect SSL VPN now, and will support Secure Connect in its next release.  Cisco Jabber for iPhone supports both CUCM and CME.  Again, you can use the native iPhone VPN client, but Cisco will not provide support for any other VPN client.

Unless you are using a VPN wireless router, there is no other supported way to register Cisco Jabber to CUCM/CME when it is outside of the enterprise network.



Hello Vincent,

Thank you so much for the detailed explanation.

I have few more queries as below:

1. For both Any connect and Secure connect  SSL VPN irrespective of the client (IPhone/Android), Do we have to purchase any license on the Cisco ASA to allow SSL VPN i.e SSL VPN Premium User License

2. When you mean " Native VPN client " is it IPSEC VPN ?

3. Can you please explain what is VPN wireless router ? Did you meant to connect to the CUCM/CME through VPN based on Wireless Internet ?

Thank you in advance,

Mohammed Ameen

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