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Cisco Jabber 14

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I Installed UCM 14 (CUCM, CUPS, CUC, UCCX) Package with Expressway and the jabber client is also 14 and use it on IOS, Android, Windows.

I can login on any device (and use all the services) and there no problem with signin or other materials and also configure push notification. the notification works perfectly.

the problem is:

although the notification works perfectly, the status of Mobile device(android and ios no difference) get unregistered on cucm after some time (about 10 or 20 seconds). and as u know unregistered phone won't notify using push notification if unregistered on cucm. i problem of some users with getting login on windows (cause windows version don't get unregisterd) and when the calls coming then push notification works.

but some user doesn't have any laptop and just need to have jabber on their smart phone.

I test this scenario on MRA (Registration through Expressway) and locally (Registering through UCM dirrectly) and makes no difference. the jabber on smart phone unregistered after some time. 


is there any parameter need to configure to send keepalive from cucm or expressway to Jabber on Smart Phone to keep them registered?


i have this problem on earlier version on cucm 11,12 think like bug or missing configuration on my side.

searching and configuring, changing so many things (sip parameter, Jabber XML Parameter, Service Parameters,...) on  UCM 14,12,11,10 but no solution.

appreciate if someone could help me.


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Thnx Jaime

but i configure exactly the same configuration and push notification works perfectly when i have ip phone or jabber for windows that have stable connection to ucm with the same Directory Number as mobile devices DN, and the notification comes on IPPhone and Android even if the status of those devices shows unregistered on CUCM.

but when i am not using those devices (IPphone or Cisco Jabber for Windows) with stable connection. the Push Notification not shown on IPhone or android.


the other things that i want to know is that why cisco jabber for smart phone get unregistered. is there anyway that can have stable connection to UCM.

something else is that on some calls when phone is unregistered. the notification is coming to Jabber on Mobile but the PSTN number that call this user getting fast busy, but user see the jabber notification that calls coming up, and when answering the call, the calls disconnected on both side.


is there anyway that can have initial delay like 3 or 4 seconds to incoming calls and not disconnected them for period of time until the push notification send the call to Cisco Jabber.

or any delay that i can have for incomming calls on unregistered DN and Devices.


cause I think the push notification need some time to refresh the cisco jabber software.

when the first call coming the notification comes up but calls diconnected and when the second call come everythings works correctly notification comes up and i can answer the calls and PSTN user not getting fast busy. (for period of time)


Adam Pawlowski
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I’m not sure I understand exactly . If you’ve completed cloud onboarding, which IIRC requires the solution to have internet reachability, push should work . Android push requires you to purposefully enable it. 

The push is to trigger the client to wake up so it can register, but also trigger the phone’s dialer to ring. The phone should show unregistered in the UCM until the software wakes up - this is correct behavior. 

I would try and verify cloud on boarding, and firewall/connectivity for the clients so the push goes out and the software can properly connect when it wakes up.

Push Notification works and wakes up the phone.

but the first calls always misses because of the time that it takes to wake up the phone and the caller get fast busy and called number get the notification after it answer the call it get fast busy.

but when the second call comes up about 10 sec later everythings works fine.

is there anyway to put delay before sending calls to unregistered phone?