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New Hall of Fame Member-Peter PAluch


Cisco Jabber domain.not.set

Hi all,


We have a problem with Cisco Jabber. Some users appears with username.domain.not.set.





If we search a user in the search bar, this user appears with his good name...


Is there someone have an idea for we ?


Thanks a lot.





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Re: Cisco Jabber domain.not.set

Does your jabber-config.xml have a domain declared?


Also, are you using UDS for your directory service or AD?

Re: Cisco Jabber domain.not.set

Thanks all for reply.


We already have declared our domain in Presence.


Others ideas ?

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Re: Cisco Jabber domain.not.set

Declaring your default presence domain in the IMP server itself, and having the Presence Domain declared in the jabber-config.xml file are two different things. But it occurs to me that not having a presence domain in your jabber-config file would result in "yguillome@" rather than with the domain.not.set.

Is there anything different/special about the users who are and are not resolved? Like, are the ones not resolving all hosted on the same IMP server or subcluster?

Can I assume that you set your default presence domain after installation? If so, in addition to stopping all of the services mentioned below by UC-Eng-aaS on each server (and waiting for the change to "take") and then starting the services again after the change, did you also restart all of the XCP feature services?

Something that might be worth trying is to stop all of those services on each node and then start them again during some maintenance window.


Re: Cisco Jabber domain.not.set

Re: Cisco Jabber domain.not.set

We already have declared our domain in Presence

Re: Cisco Jabber domain.not.set

Johnathan as already pointed out you must set the presence domain on your cup server.

As you probably have all the services of your IMP nodes already activated, remember to shut them down first:

Cisco Presence Engine
Cisco SIP Proxy
Cisco XCP Router
Cisco Sync Agent
Cisco Client Profile Agent

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Re: Cisco Jabber domain.not.set

We already have declared our domain in Presence Server.
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